Strep disease?

djm906(midwest z5)June 30, 2005

My daughter brought over 8 small streps that she had bought on Ebay. One had died, and she was afraid the others would go also. they each have 2 or 3 long leaves, pale green. I did give them a drink of very diluted fertilizer. She wants me to trqansplant them, but I am hesitant. Some of the leaves have long brown markings on the leaves. Other have the edges of the leaves starting to brown. Is there a disease? I need to try and save these plants, but not being too aquainted with gesneriads, I am not sure what to do. Doris

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Grow them in small pots in bright light. Use a light houseplant potting mix, and let them dry out slightly between watering. If this matches the way they are potted now, then you can leave them alone. Hopefully they will adjust to your conditions and start to grow a healthy root system. Then, they will put up more leaves and can be transplanted to a larger pot. They generally like cool conditions in summer, which usually translates to homes with air conditioning or in cooler climates like the Pacific Coast or high mountains. But, they do well in even the hottest climates if grown indoors rather than outside in the heat and humidity. Right now, I have plants in pots as small as 2" squares, blooming away. They dry out very quickly and really need to be moved up.


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komi(z7/8 DC)

Strep leaves sometimes turn brown (dry) at the tips. In my case they sometimes do that all along the length. For me this happens mostly because I underwater them - I am really into xeriscaping! (just kidding - just bad at remembering to water.)

If they have been kept on the dry side, I would guess there's nothing to be alarmed about - but don't suddenly increase the watering too much. If they have been kept too wet or consistently moist, you may have damaged the roots. In that case, I would think about repotting, especially if you suspect the potting mix is old.

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djm906(midwest z5)

Thank you, both of you for your advice.(s). They were kept very wet. I've let them dry out a bit. One has wilted, so maybe I had better transplant. They are in small plastic cups with some kind of cotton pack around on the top of the soil, to keep it wet? I should take it off? I have them in a north window, so may try an east window, should be lighter. Hopefully this will help. Their leaves are getting a bit darker green from the pale green they were when she brought them over. Thanks again for the help. I'll keep you posted. Doris

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Motezuma(z5 WV)

Doris, The white cottony stuff sounds like what growers use when they send the streps to you, to keep the dirt in the pot during shipping. Take it off. It may be keeping the crown of the plant too wet. If one has wilted, it may have been kept too wet for too long, and now has root rot. There may be no saving it...

I'd put them in a west window, partially shaded. You do want the bright light on them, but not the hot sun. Mine do great in west/southwest with vertical blinds half open. They also do OK in the east, but better in the west.

If you do transplant, use light mix (plenty of perlite) and only just moisten it. Don't water in heavily.

Good luck.

-Mo (WV)

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