Strep seed pods--how long until they burst??!

mkjones(z8)June 4, 2004

I have some extremely patient traders awaiting these seeds from Marry Me, and they're simply taking forever to pop! No signs of any unfurling on the's been about 6 weeks, I think.

Common timeline anyone?

Thanks, Kathleen in TX

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amilder(z8 Central TX)

I think I have something that will help. From Rex Dibley's 2003 book, "Streptocarpus", comes this excerpt: " ...The seed pod will gradually elongate and after about two months will start to ripen. It will turn from green to brown and then dry out. When the fruit starts to split open into the characteristic spiral, it is time to remove it from the plant. Carefully shake it over a sheet of white paper. The seed can easily be seen as dust."
The book also has a picture of a mature pod- looks pretty cool. More info from that book- the genus name streptocarpus comes from the greek "streptos" = twisted and "carpus" = fruit, referring to the shape of the seed pod.

I've never let a pod grow out but I have grown streptos from seed. If you haven't seen the seed before it can be intimidating seeing how small it is. (at least, I was intimidated the first time I saw how small it was :) But it's actually pretty easy to grow if you follow the standard procedure.

Did you know the selfs of modern hybrids will most likely not be true to type? I'm not saying that as a reason not to grow them, I personally think it's cool growing from seed and not knowing what the mature plant will look like. But if you or your friends are expecting an exact copy you probably will be disappointed.


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Oh, bless your heart, Andy! I have that very book, and I'm ashamed to not have researched more before posting my question/dilemma! (shaking my head at myself) Thank you for looking it up for me, and I WILL review this lesson!

Oh, and yes, I do know that the seeds do not reproduce true to the mother plant...not sure my friends do, but I'll certainly pass that along! =)

Thanks again,
Kathleen in TX

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amilder(z8 Central TX)

Gosh, and I thought I was only one geeky enough to buy plant books :) I can see why you would want more info, the Dibley book is pretty terse, I think.

Let us know how it goes with the seed pod, I'm really curious. Does it look like the picture in the Dibley book?

I was saying how strepto seeds are small... I'm growing some Chiritas from seed now (C. Tamiana and C. Involucrata) and those seeds and seedlings are even smaller! They seem to be doing ok so far though... fingers crossed...

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Oh, you'll never believe this, Andy--I checked on the pods today, and two of them look JUST LIKE the one in Dibley's book! Before today, they were plump, furled, elongated, but green. Now, the pods are drier looking, appearing toasty (if that makes sense) like in the picture, and becoming to unfurl!!

I clipped them and put them into ziplocs immediately! Here's to hoping they haven't already burst--I didn't see any "sand" like dust on the plant, so maybe I was just in time!!

I've never grown anything from seed.....kill them everytime. It's quite pathetic. I do, however, have a chirita Tamiana that's about to bloom for the first time, and I'm thrilled!!

=) Kathleen

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I'm just beginning the process of ripening the seed pod. I thoroughly enjoyed all your comments, I think it will help me. I see it takes about 2 months to mature and it's only been about 2 weeks, so I have time to watch them. Not sure why I'm doing this but thought it would be interesting. I'm going now, to look up your chirita Tamiana, sounds lovely. Thanks for all the input, really helpful.

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