fxxyJune 12, 2009

Bought a lot of rhizomes from a well known seller, some still haven't sprouted!(6/10/09), planted in April. Meanwhile, my old ones tend to sprout much earlier. Whether I want them to or not!!! only the newest present this problem. Any ideas???

Planted in "light airy mix", watered once, then......wait, and wait.. Kept slightly moist, not too wet for fear of rotting. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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irina_co(z5 CO)


the rhizomes are either dead or not. Check it. If they are not - I would try to replant them very close to the surface so they get some light.

Next time you start rhizomes - put them in a baggie first with a barely moist sphagnum moss, keep them exposed to light- but not to direct midday sunlight - and when they start sprouting - plant them the way I mentioned above.

For some reason my own Achimenes that is sitting in a pot of geraniums at work - comes back without any efforts. Looks like yours too.


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Thanx for the info. No, they are not dead, just "resting"
I think that the dealer must somehow force a dormancy deeper than normal, to keep them from sprouting early.
BTW, mine keep showing up in all the other containers, apparently leaping from one to another. I get lots of old ones in different containers. Makes an interesting display.......

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I bought some new ones this spring as well, and they also were much later in sprouting than the ones I've grown for years. However, they did all eventually emerge and are growing well now. Mine came from CA, and my theory is that perhaps they entered dormancy later there, thus emerging later. Mine show up all over the garden, too, and many have proven hardy over the last few years.

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My Purple King has been blooming since Saturday, maybe even before. This is an old pot, but still vigorous!!! Newer ones just about sprouted.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I guess they need time to go from dry and dark to humid - light and growing stage. I think when they are in a baggie with humid sphagnum moss or vermiculite exposed to light wakes up faster.

Achimenes produces air rhizomes - propagules in leaf nodes - and drops them everywhere where it can reach. Achimenes Ambroise Verschaffelt is a notorious traveler.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ambroise Verschaffelt

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