Pumpkin Sex

opiem(Northern CA)August 9, 2004

Now that I have your attention....

I've had several female buds fail to develop due to (I believe) a failure to be fertilized. This morning I decided to fertilize several buds manually, but I noticed something strange. On the male blossoms there isn't anything I can identify as a stamen. Just to be sure, I rubbed the pistil looking part of the male blossom on the pistil of the female bud. Was this correct? Am I missing something? Please help. Thanks in advance.


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opiem(Northern CA)

Never mind kids. The buds are twice as big today and have turned bright yellow. I think that means they're pollinated and that the stamen of the male blosoms just happen to look exactly the same as the pistil of the female blossoms. Sorry to wase all y'alls time.


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Volvo_54(QLD Aust)

Opiem, i'm growin a particular variey of pumkin that requires the male pistil to be inserted n left in the female flower/pistil(Blush n Blush again lol) otherwise NO PUMKIN!!!....
Didnt taste so good i wouldnt be botherin lol..

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