different ways for Sinningia leaf cuttings

tired_of_digging(z10)June 21, 2007

The easiest way, to take-off a leaf, do some cuttings along the veins and lay it flat (down side facing down), and anchoring the leaf firmly on the soil with pins or a small object on top; the leaves which I have cut have rooted, but the roots seemed to develop very slowly. A small bulblet forms where roots develop. However, being very much frustrated by the slowness of the process, I have sought a different technique under the same conditions.

That technique - slicing the leaf along the main vein, removing the vein and inserting the two halves with the cut side in the compost - has been used to propagate the closely related Streptocarpus. The technique applied for Sinningias, has yielded better results then if laying the leaves flat on the compost. The leaves also remained firmer. In average, the roots and the bulblets were bigger. Yet, both methods have not yet given rise to any baby plants from underneath.

Would that take longer ? When do I have to separate the bulblets, before or after they sprout ?

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With Sinningia, I've taken a few leaves with stems and started them in water. While in the water they have formed a bulb with roots. After planting in soil the leaves, within a month or so, start producing plantlets and flowers. I know this does not answer your question but I thought I'd add to it.

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