Dills Atlantic giant X blue Hubbard squash ?

farmfreedomAugust 19, 2010

Talk about the "BLUE MAX " HAS anyone crossed Dills Atlantic giant with the blue Hubbard squash ? I want maximum size and taste .

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Buttercup Burgess strain tastes better than the blue hubbard

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To me, nothing can beat the flavor and sweetness of a slow-baked Blue Hubbard chunk of squash baking in a 300 - 325 degree oven for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. The slow cooking causes the sugars to carmelize and really brings out that "nutty" flavor and awesome sweetness which Blue Hubbards are renown for. One taste and it'll be a happy "eye-opener" for sure.

Buttercup is sweet but Buttercup doesn't have the storage ability which the Blue Hubbard is famous for. A Blue can store for at least 6 months and many store much longer

Buttercup's storage max is about 3 months because it's flesh is moist while a Blue Hubbards' is drier But that doesn't mean a Blue Hubbard tastes "dry", no siree. The cooked flesh is like the consistency of good mashed potatoes and it has no runny juice coming from it.

Now, if you steam or boil it, you'll have a more watered down flavor and some runniness. So bake it for the best taste treat ever Once you do, you'll never go back to steaming or boiling them again.

Place the squash chunks on lightly greased baking sheets and place the oven racks on the second (2nd) rung up from the oven's floor.

If you forget to preheat the oven, just add another half hour to the baking time.

To open a Blue Hubbard, place the squash into a clean trash bag and drop it onto your stone steps, patio, cement walkway/sidewalk, street, etc. It will break into 2-3 large chunks which you can then cut more easily.

I place a large knife where I want to cut and then tap it gently with a small hammer, working it through the squash chunk.. No pushing, no groaning. Cutting a Blue Hubbard becomes a much easier chore when a hammer is used instead of brute strength. .

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