yellow leaves

bagsmom(7)April 18, 2010

Hey all! Several weeks ago, I planted some creeping gardenia. They are in the proper sun. I've been keeping them watered since they are newly planted -- but I don't think watering excessively.

Why do you suppose the leaves are getting yellow and weird looking? Do they need some fertilizer? I amended the soil when I planted, so I can't imagine there is a problem with the dirt.

Any ideas? Did I buy a finicky plant? They were super cheap, so if they don't make it, I'm not out much.

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All the leaves or just some of them? Gardenias lose some leaves come spring this way.

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I guess it is just some of them, but it has come on slowly, with a few leaves, then more. Now it is quite a few. They were lovely when I planted them.

I have some new August Beauty gardenia shrubs I got at the same time. They look great -- lots of new growth and no weird yellowing. This is only happening to the creeping variety.

Now that I think of it, I have one still in the pot (didn't get them all planted.) It is NOT yellowing. Hmmmmmmm. What does that mean?

Gardening Mysteries......

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I have the same problem 2 are doing great, I can see the new growth and they look very healthy. I have 2 others that I plan on moving and hope they do better in their new area. They are all the creeping gardenia.

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I got mine at Pike's on sale. I wonder if there was a reason they were so cheap!

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