Pumkins are Orange already???

chris_nj(Z5 Southern NJ)August 16, 2004


After a disasterous rot and infestation from beetles last year, I planted my patch of 6 plants on black plastic in May.

I now have 13-15 pumpkins and despite the fungus on the leaves, they seem to be doing well.

My concern is as of this date (8/16/04) most of the pumkins are deep orange already. Is this normal for August in NJ???

Will thy begin to ripen or rot if they stay on the vine? When should I cut them off for Halloween?



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opiem(Northern CA)

I can't help with your main question but I may be able to help with your fungus problem. I found a bright orange slime mold growing on some of the leaves. I asked at the hardware store for something to kill it, and they recommended Safer Brand 3-in-1 garden spray. I used it and the slime mold was GONE the next day. There was no trace of it and it has not returned.

Good Luck

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bomber095(z5b MA)

I'm having the same issue in Rhode Island. It's not orange yet, but it is also definitely not yellow anymore. The fruit is supposed to reach 300 pounds. I'd be surprised if its more than 40 right now

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Hello! out here in the Pacific Northwest things are a little wierd also. I have 6 pumpkins that are done. they are a smaller variety but are done. I have two 50lbs or plus. My giants are well over 100-150 and look great! I am so excited because this is my first year with the giants and I really did not amend the soil very well first. just dumped some compost in the hills I planted them in and then added more later. I have about 10 of those.

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pumpkins will last 4 or 5months as long as they are kept cool and on cement .....do not leave in soil or they will rot....i still have pumpkins in my house from april...good luck...pick em now...

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