What's Spreading through my giant pumpkin leaves? Pics included

chasepiatAugust 13, 2010

The leaves on my pumpkin plant have been getting thin yellow edges which slowly progress brown and grow until the leaves die. It has slowly started at the leaves at the base of the pumpkin root and progressed some what down the line. It's moving really slow and it takes along time for each leaf to die, but it seams to be speading a little faster. i've dusted for bugs and have applied fungicides but nothing has worked. Could it be a deficiency of something. the soil is pretty awesome and watered regularly. not to much or too little. I hope i can reverse this as the main pumpkin is now a lot larger than my head but just under a large truck tire. hoping for a giant 1000 pounder. Any help is appreciated.






beginning of he affliction.


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Looks like Powdery Mildew. In order to prevent it the entire plant should be sprayed weekly begining in mid June with a some sort of fungicide, organic or other.
1000 pounds is not easily reached.

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