What in the world are these scratches in my giant pumpkin?

bev25(Rhode Island)August 2, 2005

I went out to check my giant pumpkins and the largest has circular gauges in it from top to bottom. We dont have gophers, deer dont care about them, it's not from the inside, it's definitely trauma. Kids would have just smashed it.

What would do this??? My biggest pumpkin. Im bummed out.

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

Wow, that's weird. Kind of like crop circles. I have no idea what would do that. What ever it is, likes to make circles. I know how frustrating it is. Usually it's my mishaps that scratch my pumpkins. I cover my pumpkins with a white sheet or cloth. Maybe this would prevent damage from critters, or whatever.

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rainydays(4 WI)

I agree Weird...If I had a 5 year old child they would get the blame. Although I see the circles starting at ground level. So I believe it is some sort of chewing, and sucking creature. Like a slug, snail, or leaf miner. These scratches will not effect your growth. Spray the pumpkin down with a good fungicide and insecticide. You will have some awesome looking designs when this pumpkin gets mature. We scratch designs and names in our young jack O lanterns.

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bev25(Rhode Island)

I have a 3 yr old but he's never in that area. I've been thinking of every animal and can't think of one that could leave marks like that. As for an insect I would think they would try to borough into one hole. I'll have to look up that leaf miner maybe that's the case.
Unreal...If it goes after my tomatoes I'll go wild!!

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

Shannon is probably correct. Likely some little creature. Do I see a little excrement left behind?

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rainydays(4 WI)

The more I look at the pattern. The more I say a slug or a snail. OR you have a devil pumpkin lots of 666's. Something is fishy though. They are all way to perfect and go in the same pattern and have the same relative spacing. Definetly Alien Crop circles just smaller than usual aliens. You need to catch them in the act.

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wayne_perrier(z9 CA)

Sure looks like a snail to me.

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rainydays(4 WI)

Whatever it is once it crosses its track it starts a new counterclockwise circle.

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