Pearcea hypocyrtiflora

Begoniac(z10 FL)June 16, 2004

I got a Pearcea hypocyrtiflora a couple of weeks ago from a vendor from Ecuador. I'd never heard of it before, as I don't grow many gesneriads, but liked the colorful foliage and cute orange blowfish blooms. I can't find any information on how to grow it. Right now its roots are wrapped in sphagnum, and I have it in a makeshift terrarium. Any advice on culture?


Here is a link that might be useful: Pearcea hypocyrtiflora

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

My, we certainly do miss Jon Dixon! I would guess you could probably grow this outside in Florida without a terrarium, Elizabeth. I don't think I've grown it (there are, she said sorrowfully, a number of gesneriads--and begonias--that didn't stay around long enough to make much of an impression) but I think it would grow here outside for all but the three or four months it might get chilly. I mean, terrariums don't get more than 100% humidity, after all! I grow quite a few things outside in the summertime that I would have grown in a terrarium in Nebraska, and in 'winter' here. It's a neat little plant. Enjoy!

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Begoniac(z10 FL)

Thanks, Nancy.

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komi(z7/8 DC)

Not much info in my old gesneriad book. At the time the book was written, this was an unusual plant in the U.S. and so it provides its best guess for culture. It says it has a scaly rhizomatous root and suggests a loose mix, space for the rhizome to grow, and 70% or so humidity, tmeps around 70F. The rhizome should be just below the surface of the soil, and the book says it might go dormant in winter.

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Begoniac(z10 FL)

Thank you for the information. Sounds as though a terrarium is not necessary then.

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And just where is Jon Dixon....I so enjoy his posts?


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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

Someone from out there said awhile ago that he was well, had been having trouble with his computer, and 'seemed in no hurry' to get it fixed or replaced or whatever. I'm sure he has more than enough to do this time of year--but he has grown so many, and knows so many of the other experts, and we learn so much from him--Come back, Jon!!!!

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Mayflyon(z5/6 MI)

I popped in to see if anyone grew this plant. I just received a tip cutting and know nothing about it. I set it in dirty mix in a ziplock bag.
Good luck with your new plant!

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

What's 'dirty mix'? Is that a brand of potting soil? (Always on the look-out for new mixes!)

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Mayflyon(z5/6 MI)

Greenelbows, dirty mix is just chopped sphagnum moss with perlite, vermiculite, a dusting of peat and maybe a bit of charcoal. The portions aren't critical, mostly moss with just enough other ingredients to make it look dirty, I don't remember where I heard about it but most plants will root nicely in it. I'll try to find out where I heard about it.

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Good grief, My ears are burning. Just chalk up my offline status to procrastination and a deep realization that I needed to get "stuff" done. So, finally I seem to be back on line, as of this morning, and while email doesn't yet work I wam on GW! HI, again.

So, pearcea, being from high humidity in very low light on the "floor" of Ecuadorian cloud forests likes an indoor terrarium where temps can be maintained without much in the way of high heat or winter cold. It is easy to keep going in a terrarium like a 10 ga. fish tank with a clear cover. It likes to run across the bottom of the container until it covers the growing medium with a carpet of leaves. The runners will be long and stringy but this is natural. They root into well leafed plantlets. The runners only run at certain times of the year and when the plant and medium is fresh. My old plant has slowed down and is just sitting around. In high light such as under a lightstand the plant may not be as happy as if it were located somewhere with just nice ambient light. Restart a terrarium every few years so it doesn't run out of steam. When happy they can flower nicely in May-June or thereabouts. I grew it once in a 40 gallon aquarium and had a mass of flowers that lasted for months. But, I haven't been able to redo that in years (What was I doing then??). Generally they like it cool--72+ - degrees is nice. So, an air conditioned home in Fla is better than the outside.

Jon, I really have to go offline and water now....

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