Giant Beet Prep- Help Need a Mentor

glassfordAugust 4, 2011

I have started growing big vegetables this summer and have enjoyed working with pumpkins, sunflowers and beets. I belong to the Utah Pumpkin growers and have found some help with growing my pumpkins but do not have any contacts for growing giant beets. I need a beet mentor! I want to show my beets at the Utah Pumpkin weigh off and hope to get some others interested in growing big beets. I don't know the best process to harvest and prepare for weigh in or the best way to display my big beets. I hope someone in the group can help or knows someone that has this kind of expertise. I think I read that European Vegetable competitions group beets into three categories: sugar, mammoth and table. I am growing the mammoth and table beets. I think my mammoth beet is quite large but I don't know that much about these beets. Copy and past the URL below to see a few of my beets.

Anyway I know this is a long post but I really could use some help.

Many thanks,


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The largest beets I have ever grown was the Lutz Greenleaf Beet. They were about 8 inches across. I just used 10-10-10 fertilizer on them. And they were not pithy on the inside. I hope this might help you. Altough the beets from Europe grow much bigger, I think they are for animal feed.

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the "wurtzel mangle " it the giant beet . They yeild 40,000 pounds per acre. Gurney's used to carry them .

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