Texas Hot Chili strep all but dead.....can I save?

mkjones(z8)June 1, 2004

She got too wet, and hot, I think, so I stopped watering, she's dried out, and there's just a BIT--tiny bit--of green left amidst the necrosis. If I unpot and put her in a plastic bag, will she revive??

Kathleen in TX

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amilder(z8 Central TX)

Where is the green bit? If it is in the center of the plant, you could try removing all the dead tissue, putting the plant in a bright spot with normal watering (little less than normal until it recovers.)
If the green bit is on a leaf somewhere, and it looks like the center of the plant is dead, you could try snipping that part off the plant and rooting it like you would to propogate a strepto.

Don't consider myself an expert- just comes under the "what I would do" heading. Hope it is helpful...

Let us know how it goes.

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Oh dear, hate to say it, but she's officially toast. The bit of green withered ever so quickly into the rest of the necrotic mess, and even though I cut off all of the dead matter, there is no more green.

=( Rats, rats, rats. And I really liked that bloom.


p.s. Thanks for your suggestions anyway, Andy. =)

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