giant tomatoe.

tapewormmaki(z5 IL)August 26, 2004

I picked a giant tomatoe today. It was a volunteer from a variety called "pineapple". Its kind of ugly, its yellow, green, and red. It grew all by itself without any of my attention- makes me feel like I'm not really helping the plants. I think, "If only I could grow tomatoes that big". No, I don't have a question.

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leafbrain2003a(Z 7/8)

How big is it exactly? And why did you pick it if it's still partially green?

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tapewormmaki(z5 IL)

The diameter is a bit bigger than of a cd, It's bigger so a cd is not a good example, but it's the only round thing I could think of thats only one size. The variety is "pineapple" which always makes tri-colored tomatoes. No one will eat but its nice to look at I guess.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Heres a beefsteak i think...i got one bigger, but this one was ripe...i'm off to eat it..theres the fishing scale i used next to it.....

1 pound 10 ounces

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