What's the best type of jasmine to plant for a hedge?

alice_in_texasSeptember 11, 2009

Hiya! ^_^ I've been a long-time lurker here, but a first time poster. I just got my own home, and can now plant my own garden. The front of my house looks gosh-awful, and I was thinking of planting a jasmine hedge against it to spruce it up a bit. What is the best kind of jasmine for that? I was thinking Star Jasmine (Jasminum multiflorum), since it should be evergreen where I am and my husband loves it. San Ramon, Ca (where we used to live) had the most beautiful Star Jasmine hedges planted everywhere. It was an incredible treat to drive around town with the windows down when the jasmine was in bloom.

Would Star Jasmine work? Or would any type of jasmine be too overpowering so close to the house during its blooming season? My mother was worried about that, and now she has me thinking about it, too. I could plant something else that looks good in between the jasmines so that I don't have quite as much. Does anything come to mind? Anything that smells nice (but not overpowering), and either stays evergreen or looks good when it's dormant would be great. Thank you so much for reading this, and for any help you might be able to give me! ^_^

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Congrats on the new house, and on the first post!

Since I don't know your exact climate (I'm guessing hot and humid with lots of rain in summer, and cooler and drier in winter. Basically, a lot of jasmines and jasmine-alikes like gelsemium, trachelospermum, and others will do just fine in the summer, it's more a question of what will survive the winters in good shape.

I believe star jasmine (careful with that name, it goes for trachelospermum as well!) is one of the more drought tolerant species, I just don't know if it's z8 hardy, or if it'll be anything like evergreen in winter. There are hardy forms of jasminum officinale that should be fine in z8.

I would try and check with local nurseries to see what they would recommend, they'll know your local climate better than I.

Hope this helps!


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Hi, and thanks! ^_^ I'm sort of in between z8 and z9. The weather here can be extremely dry or extremely wet. It's like that all year long, though the winter does seem a bit drier. We very rarely have frost, and tropical plants like banana trees and plumeria do rather well here. Other people in the area have told me that their jasmine stays green all year long, but I'm going to take your advice and ask my local nursery. We have a really good one not far from my home. Thank you for your help!

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star or confederate jasmine (trachelospermum jasminoides) makes a nice evergreen hedge and is perfect for your zone. have a look at some pics of it as a hedge in the post below from the alabama forum. i like the fragrance and the bloom period lasts about 5-6 weeks for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: jasmine hedge in italy

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