Developing Giant Okra

georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)September 17, 2007

Hi all, I got a email from a person that goes by Bekisar I believe his first name is Wayne. Any way I can't email him back do to his email addy, as it doesn't go through.

I have been working on developing a new OP cultivar Okra so far it is going well and I have several promissing plants that I will continue to work with. I have a mixed lot of Okra seeds for okra that comes from all over the wold and they are quite good, but I have set them aside for further studies and grow outs. I will trade or give out small amounts of the seeds if anyone want some. I don't have a alot maybe five trades of five to ten seeds. For those of you that would like to try some but don't have any thing to trade I just ask for a SASE with a couple of 41 cent stamps to cover the postage. Please no over seas SASE as I can't afford the extra postage at this time. Some of the Okra plants can get tobe over 10ft with very long pods. The seeds like I said are from a mixed lot so you could end up with several types of Okra. Any way thank you all and I hope you have a great harvest season.

P.S. you can reach me at this email

georgew 7911 at yahoo .com.

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For anyone looking to trade with George..he is a good guy and just provided me with some nice Okra seeds. Definitely A+ for trades.

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Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)

The USDA list a 16 feet tall Okra in their gerplasm database

I've grown cowhorn okra, and I had no problem germinating seeds. This variety I had a hard time germinating. First attempt all the seeds rotted just soaking in water. Second attempt I used hydrogen peroxide and I was able to get half of them to germinate. Many of the seedlings died during the first week. I planted 4 of them outside and they grew to about 1 to 2 feet and all of them died.

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georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)

Hi all, I just wanted to Post that if you get seeds from me and they fail, your are more than welcome to ask for more. All I ask is that you send me a SASE and I will send you some more seeds I'm really short on seed envelopes and can use a couple for your seeds. Also I ask for two stamps on your evelope to cover seed weight and postage.
Thank you
George W. Z5-6 MO.

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georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)

Hi Crazyseeds, Have you started any of the Okra seeds I sent you? I'm just soaking a few seeds just now as it hasn't been warm enough to put any in the ground yet. I'm interested in their germanation rate this time around. Drop me a line and let me know just how well they did for you.
George W. Z5-6 MO.

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