Non blooming achimenes

frank1965(z8 NWLouisiana)June 16, 2008

So when is it going to bloom? Seems healthy enough- 3 hrs of direct sun then bright filtered after that. Never allowed to wilt, slow release fert, plenty of humidity in Louisiana. What's up with this?

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Any way you can give it more light? I can't help but notice long internodes between the leaf sets. I bit more light should help get blooms.

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frank1965(z8 NWLouisiana)

More light, really? I was under the impression that they liked shade or part shade. This is 'Purple King' which I understand is a relatively big cultivar- so maybe the long internodes. I have another cultivar that gets the same amount of sun and it is much shorter. Anymore sun and and I would be afraid of scorching. It wilts already when the hot sun hits it even when it is well watered. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for answering so quick.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I haven't grown many achimenes and really feel like I'm just beginning to understand them, but mine never bloom this early. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but my impression is they are more likely to bloom maybe mid-summer to fall. I always get bloom--unless I'm just unforgivably lax about watering!--but never before maybe mid- to late summer. Hope someone who grows a lot of them will chime in!

That is a really gorgeous Purple King! I grow mine with less sun than that, and they do bloom well--just later. And yeah, we do have humidity in Louisiana, don't we? So many plants love it that I've learned to appreciate it--until my nose and earlobes start dripping!

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Mine are in a shaded but HOT sunporch - mine don't bloom until late July. I think it's just a bit early, so be patient.

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