Pumpkin hardening

mike_brfSeptember 14, 2008

Well, I gave it a shot this year, trying to grow a big pumpkin. I only tried watering this year, no extra fertilizer and according to my measurements, one should by over 200 and the other 180. My question is this. I am bring them both to a school at the end of October but I do not know if there is anything that I should be doing to it in the meantime. Is there anything? One has stayed a very light yellow color and the other is now starting to turn a nice deep orange. I am just worried that as it sits there and ripens I might lose weight or structural integrity. I appreciate any help you all can offer.

I can't wait till next year when I start fertilizing more. If I can do this just with extra watering...


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Use mouse control: traps, poison etc. they can chew a hole in it and move in for the winter.

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beetlejuicevoyager(5a Montreal (Quebec) area)

I am going to try growing the Howard Dill's Giants next year. My seeds are ordered. My compost bed is ready. I am going to start them inside under neon lights in the month of March - 150 days is a long period to grow in my region and if I want to present one of my champions in an early fall fair, I have to be ready.

How did your pumpkin ended up, finally?

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