Which pot s to use for Epicias?

Leaf_Lady(Arkansas)July 11, 2004

It's time to repot some of my Epicias, and I was wondering what kind of pots everyone uses for them? what are the standards for repotting? I know what kind of dirt and how to do it,just not sure about types of pots and sizes.Thanks, Portia

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

I use shallow pots--5" bulb pans for smaller-growing ones like E.'Silver Skies', and sometimes pot saucers with holes drilled in them for larger ones. Right now all my episcias are outside just revelling in all this heat and humidity, and hanging in moss or coir-lined baskets so all the rain can drain out nicely. Wish I glowed like they do when it's steamy like this!

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Wow--outside?? Wonder if mine would do well out there too? I'm in North Texas...

?? Kathleen

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

I hope somebody with experience in growing them outside in north Texas chimes in here, because I'm not sure how relevant south Louisiana is, but I bet they'd like it just fine. You could even use them as ground covers in the shade, especially if you use a lot of leafmold or compost. That's how they grow in nature I understand, just running along on the ground in the detritus from the trees. What I did when I first started experimenting with growing them outside here was keep a cutting in the house for insurance. One of the most gorgeous E. 'Cleopatras' I ever grew was just a groundcover. They of course have to come in when nights get close to 60. If I understand right, you are hotter and drier than here but not a lot different, so it should work for you. If you bring the whole plant inside you will need to be very careful to be sure it's bug-free--drench it well with something like Safer's Soap. I personally think dishwashing soap would damage the foliage, but I could be wrong. There's a difference between soap and detergents--all soaps are detergents but not all detergents are soaps, and what you want is soap. Safer's is a different form of soap.

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krystalmo(z6 MO)

I use the same pots I use for my African Violets and I get them at www.violetgallery.com.


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have a few of my episcias outside now, here in ky they seem to be loving it.

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