Is this a Gesneriad?

myrmecodia(7 NC)July 6, 2005

My mother in law gave me cuttings of this plant a couple of years ago, and it has finally bloomed. It has trailing stems with rigid, semi-succulent leaves flushed with purple coloration. Flowers are purple

Any idea what it might be?



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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

Yes, that's a gesneriad, either a species or hybrid of the genus Aeschynanthus but your plant hasn't actually bloomed yet; what you're seeing are the decorative calyces. When it finally blooms (actually when the unopened buds start poking out of the calyces) you'll find out why it's commonly called "lipstick plant"!

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myrmecodia(7 NC)

Thank you. That would explain why, when I dissected a "flower" I found a bud inside that seemed to contain immature flower parts.

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