scented streps

IrdmutheJuly 18, 2014

I know that there are not many out there.. but I am totally, obsessively hooked on streptocarpus ( and A.V. too, the larger ones)
I keep trying to get one of the scented ones. I am reserving a space, at nose level! for this future plant.
sadly, the small plug plant I bought off Ebay "Sweet Melys" seems to have succumbed to either over-watering or my hot breath - she is not doing well at all.
BTW- soon as I figure out how to post pics, I have a wonderful thing I made out of recycled stuff, the Tower of Flower. it's a turning hat display, with self watering planters made of liter coca cola bottles, and it's a lovely thing.

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judyj(Z5 CO)

Wow I'd love to see your display! I just ordered a scented strep from Rob's. It's quite tiny right now but I'm hoping it comes out well. Actually I've order several streps from Rob's and have been very happy. Mine are blooming like mad. I did alternately nearly drown and then fry (greenhouse heater blew up) my first one. However, it's come back like crazy (Briston's Xolo). Should have taken before and after pix!

For what it's worth, while raising them, I put about 1/3 perlite in the bottom, then top it with Optimara's (R) soil mixed with a little more perlite. Mine are currently on capillary mats and seem quite happy with that. Just moved two of them out from the mats so we'll see how the watering goes-e.g. if the soil now becomes too light and not moisture retentive enough.

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trying again to upload pics

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yay!! here are some more....

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growing in inverted top of coca cola bottle..

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more.. this one grows in a tidy mound not much larger than an A.V.

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last one. I promise.

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These are really beautiful! I'm not familiar with this type of plant. I love growing African violets, and I'm just looking at other gesneriads for fun. Thanks for posting all of these lovely pictures! The coke bottles seem to be working well for you!

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Those are gorgeous!!

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they are struggling through summer heat out there now.. it's got A/C, and I close the blinds, but they still don't like it.
BTW- none of them shown are scented. They don't care either! ha ha! I think they are gorgeous too.

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judyj(Z5 CO)

What varieties are these, Irdmuthe? I have a baby of one that's supposed to come out like an Orchid. Those are really splendid! But it doesn't have scent either, LOL!

Would you mind-when you get a chance, doing a close up of your setup? Not sure how the bottles etc are holding the plants!

Thanks for sharing!


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i wish I could remember the names. I will dig around a bit. most are Russian, except that HUGE one, bred by an amateur in Georgia, would love to give him credit. that plant is a monster, and the leaves grown in ringlets. you just have to give it some room and stand back.
yes, will do some more close up pics.
you have to put some ribbon on the cut end of the bottle so it won't cut into the leaves.
I also found out the hard way to put some hydroton pebbles in the neck, as soil shrinks and compacts there.
I have too large a wick, and I should add more perlite to the mix.
but, if you do like I do, you just water them, let them soak it up, let the reservoir dry out until next time, and it won't turn green.
ALSO, this looks cool! look on Ebay and get some glow in dark pebbles, to put in the reservoirs.

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judyj(Z5 CO)

Oh glow in the dark -that's too cool of an idea!
By the way, though I didn't say it before, your invention is spectacular!!!:-) You should patent it! Maybe I'll pin it to Pinterest so everyone can look! Are you an engineer? LOL! I am and have more fun with these sort of things than my actual job!

I'm going to try something like it myself, perhaps with both AVs and Streps! Heck, not to mention all the shelf space it will save! :-)


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I did some research about scented streps. Here is a list of those which have a scent. The S. In front of names are species.

Scented Streps

S. candidus
S. fanniniae
S. wilmsii
S. vandeleurii
S. eylesii
S. wittei

B. Goose Egg
B. Potpourri
B. Psychedelic Sun
B. Sixth Scents
B. Smelly Cat
Cape Essence
Cape Baby
DS-L'epatage d'Alchime
DS-First Kiss
DS-Gerda Heart
DS-Golden Eye
DS-In the Wind
DS-Ladies Logic
DS-Une Femme d'Aventure
DS-Young Lady
Heartland's Perfume
Heartland's Sentimental
Heaven Scent
King of Kings
Sweet Melys

I am sure there are others and as I find them I will post their names here.

Dave G.

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