Cold Snap & My Tomatoes!!!

Stellabee(7, Atlanta)April 24, 2012

Okay, it got pretty cold last night (in the high thirties) here in Atlanta. Being that I last grew tomatoes in Florida, I'm not used to such a thing so late in April. In all seriousness, I did not expect it here in Georgia either.

Anyway, I noticed today that the roma and brandywine tomatoes that I recently transplanted to the garden have blotchy grayish spots on the leaves. Is this cold damage? Should I worry about it or will they bounce back from this?

I hope I don't have to re-sprout seeds and transplant all over again, but I will if I have to...

Please Advise Tomato People!


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Could be from water droplets that were on the leaves and then got really chilled overnight.

Don't fret about it unless you see rot on the stems -- that's an indication of serious issues.

It's not just air temperatures (above 75 F) that are appreciated and needed by tomatoes, it's also warm SOIL temperatures (ideally never plant tomatoes outdoors until your garden soil is no less than 65F at the 4-inch depth.

Your 'maters will recover just fine as we head into the more tropical warmth of May!

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Stellabee(7, Atlanta)

Thanks for the information, Gusolie. I only lost one plant, so you were/are totally right. They are all okay and actually doing great now.

Oh, and I am not putting any tomatoes or cucumbers in the ground until very late April ever again:-)

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