Giant Pumpkin Growing Lore

gardenmadness(6bNJ)October 26, 2005

This may sound stupid but I've never grown giant pumpkins before and I have to ask the more experienced. I have a friend at work who tells me that 1000 lb pumpkins are really a sham, not growing expertise. What the grower does to get a pumpkim that large is to drill a hole in the stem and all season long, fill the pumpkin with water. The pumpkin absorbs it and increases the growth artificially, this way the pumpkin grows ridiculously large. I never heard of such a thing. Any of you experts have any input to this? I find it hard to believe.

Thanks for your responses in advance.


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your friend is wrong

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rainydays(4 WI)

Duhhh we don't use water...We wick them with milk...This person needs to be update on their Pumpkin Facts. Obviously this person has never seen a giant 1200lb pumpkin up close. There are no holes. It is all pumpkin, no tricks, nothing. I have had idiots argue that the pumpkin is wax and concrete. Even after we recut the stem, or my favorite is they drag their fingernails to scratch and smell. People like this we just agree with and let them go on their way. Its not worth the headache.

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