Streptocarpus ID w/Pictures

clintdawley(z8 TX)July 31, 2007

Hi all! I've had this plant for a little over a year now and it pretty much blooms non-stop with a short break in the dark days of winter. The leaves are about 12" long and it produces these lavender on lavender flowers. Any idea as to which hybrid this is? Or maybe which species it most represents?

Thanks in advance. Clint

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komi(z7/8 DC)

hey Clint! what on earth are you doing over here?

I'm not much of a strep grower so I am going out of my way to guess: it looks like a hybrid. (Honestly more interested in that nicely compact-looking catt you've got there... heh.)

If I had to guess, I would guess some kentaniensis parentage (the narrow leaves) and some floribundus.... but like I said, I could be waaaaaay off base.

Streps self- and cross-pollinate easily, so it's difficult to ID most of them. If you want to look at more pics, here's some photos of species and here's another website (more hybrids).

Personally I think you should be growing Sinningia and Drymonia and Tricantha and Aeschynanthus..... or Huernia or Orbea or..... lol. I've been neglecting the orchids this year...

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clintdawley(z8 TX)

Hey KI!

Nice to finally have some sort of reply after almost a month. This forum must be really slow. (The compact catt is Blc. Laddawan Beauty.)

Thanks again for the hints. I'll have to look at those other genera as I'm not sure what they heck most of them are! (I'm so not familiar with most other non-orchid plants!)

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Hi CLint, First time for me on the gesneriad site. What a beautiful Strep. It looks like you might be growing it in clay hydroponic pellets. Is that right? donnaviola

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clintdawley(z8 TX)

Nope. Just regular ol' Miracle Grow AV soil and a wick watering pot.

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Clint, That looks like Heidi.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heidi

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