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java15(6MD)October 6, 2004

Hello, I grow a few pumpkins just for decoration purposes. and for our granddaughter. This is the first year I have tried for sometime. My pumpkin plants grew large with many blooms. However, the pumpkins did not get to large. I bought one pack of seeds from Wal-Mart and another pack from a local nursey.

My son purchased some large pumpkins and I would like to take the seeds out and use them next spring god willing. Can anyone tell me how to preserve the seeds for future planting. Thanks!!!! ps or perhaps could tell me what kind of seeds I might purchase. I live in Western Maryland bordering WV and Pa.

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Maxpower(5 MA.)

take the seeds out of the pumpkin and wash them in a colandar in the sink to get all the pumpkin gook (for lack of a better term) you can use dish soap with the water and can also add a tiny bit of bleach to disinfect the seeds, take the seeds and lay them out on a towel to dry, a towel works better than newspapers as the seeds will tend to stick to the paper, put them in a sunny windowsill if possible, if you have to put them outside make sure you cover them with a screen or the birds and squirrels will have them for a snack! allow a few weeks to dry, store them in a container in a dry place donot seal the container as any moister in the seeds will cause them to mold.

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