Streptocarpus bonus buds

amilder(z8 Central TX)July 2, 2004

Hello all,

I noticed something the other day that I hadn't seen before on my Bristol's Sunset. This plant has been a fantastic grower and bloomer, far outstripping my other streps. What I noticed is that on the very first flower stalk, which it sent up over a month ago with a single bud, there are now 2 new little buds coming out. The original flower is quite faded, and I was thinking of removing that stalk. But now it looks like more flowers are coming. They came out of the area where the two small leaf-like projections are.

I've seen some major stalks come up with buds already there, but this time it took a month before anything came out. If I had removed the stalk when the original flower started to fade, I would have missed out on these additional blooms.

I was wondering if anyone had seen that happen on their streps before. I'm wondering if I should try letting the stalks themselves sit after removing spent blooms.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Is the plant very young? I suspect this will correct itself as the plant ages.

My Sunset isn't old enough to have buds so I'm wondering how many flowers does the flowerstalk usually have. It must have a lot because it is known as a very floriferous plant.

Nancy in Montreal

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amilder(z8 Central TX)

I suspect you are right- although later stalks are also producing more little buds, they are present right away, so there doesn't seem to be any worry about chopping the stalk off before it has bloomed out.

The first few flower stalks only had 1 or 2 buds initially, but they all seem to have another 1 or 2 smaller buds growing in. The later ones are getting bigger, there is one coming up with 5 buds.

It seems an especially impressive plant to me since the flowers are large, not the smaller ones like you sometimes see.


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I have had the same thing happen to me.


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rozanne16(WA Aust)

A couple of weeks ago I planted my first Streptocarpus seeds and now have several TINY seedlings. Please can anyone give me advice about when to start feeding and with what? Am so excited and don't want to lose them...any other advice would be good!!

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