Giving away FREE giant vegetable marrow seeds

Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)November 11, 2005

Giant English vegetable marrows are rarely grown in the USA. They are common in the UK, and are used in giant vegetable competitions. Giant marrows can be cut while they are young and smaller, and they are similar in taste to green zucchini. In the interest of seeing giant vegetable marrows grown in the United States, and anywhere else for that matter, I'm giving away giant marrow seeds for free. The original seeds were given to me by Bernard Lavery(UK) from some of his 100+ pound specimens, and from Richard Hope(UK) from his giant specimens. My plants weren't too great this year because of the heat wave, but at the end of the year I started to produce quite a few smaller marrows. They seem to do better in places with cooler summers. Regardless, people who have grown seeds directly from me have had them up to about 90 pounds.

If you want some seeds, email me at and ask me if I still have some. If I do, I will email you back with my address, and you can send me a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you catch me in a good mood, I may throw in a few Bott's Strain sunflower seeds with them (I saved quite a few heads this year).

If you want to be really nice to me, you can send me a seed or two to some of your giant vegetables, if you have any. However, this is NOT required. I prefer veggies other than pumpkins. I don't really have enough room for them with everything else.

Me with a 30+ pound marrow

Me with a 20+ pound marrow

Bernard Lavery (UK) holding a 109 lbs. marrow

2005 world record marrow at 137 lbs. grown by Mark Bagg in the UK.

Here is a link that might be useful: my giant sunflower website

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francis_eric(5 Illinois)

I will have to email you soon before their all gone

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i would like some if you have any left

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I was just talking to my kids about giant veggies and I came across your offer for free seeds.I think I have some giant pepper seeds that I could trade you , that is , if you have any left.

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I am six and I want to grow a giant marrow and a giant pumpkin and my Grandpa and Grandma are helping me. All I need now is seeds and I hope somebody will let me have some.

Anybody who can help can e-mail me on my Grandma's e-mail:

My Grandpa has helped me to dig a spot in their garden (in Surrey, England) and I have put in a lot of rotted compost and horse poo.

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Oh my goodness! This is the first year I have enough room, (or any room), to grow anything!! We LOVE zucchini and it would be so awesome for me, and my 2 younger kids, who are just getting into gardening, to see this amazing blessing, (and miracle, really). Please send me just a couple of seeds and I will be extremely grateful. I don't have anything of value to give you though. I am not used to being "able" to garden at all after the last 8 years. I did have a beautiful garden the first and only year I attempted.

I live in Elko, NV.

Thank You sooo much!


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Big Thank you for the seeds you sent us !
Will keep ya updated on how they do :).By the way , how large do the vines get ?


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Hi Brian
I forgot to send a thank you note and to say which seeds I was asking for with the SABE I sent a couple of weeks ago.Well , anyway , thank you very much in advance for the marrow and sunflower seed.
Thanks again
Gene from Akron NY

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txgardengal(Zone 7)

Wow. I don't know anything about Giant Vegetables but that IS REALLY COOL !

    Bookmark   April 21, 2006 at 12:28PM
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Do you still have these?
Thanks, KathiH

    Bookmark   July 18, 2006 at 5:13PM
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This is awesome!! Do you have any from this season? Let me know if you want anything for trade :)

    Bookmark   September 19, 2006 at 2:01PM
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Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)

I've been getting a large number of emails regarding free vegetable marrows as of late. I am ** NOT ** giving out free marrows this year. I wasn't able to obtain any seeds this year; so I only have my left over seed stock from last year.


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sweets44(zone 6)

where can i send to get the free giant vegitable marrow seeds. i am interested. thanks alice smithline

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

What kind of squash is Marrow? Is it related to zuccini or is it a type of its own? If anyone has grown this what are the recomendations? How is it stored and/ or eaten(prepared)?


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I am a keen grower of vegetable and grow pot leeks for a local show, I would love to grow a giant marrow for next years show. Our leeks are grown from grasses not seeds,the grow huge but are not classed as giants, I would sent you some grasses if you are interested.



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I realize this post is old, but wanted to ask: do you have any more seeds for SASE?

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Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)

This post is several years old. I won't be giving out free marrow seeds this year. I only do that on years I have a very large surplus of seed that I could never trade or sell. If anyone is still interested in getting the marrow seeds then you can get them on P&P Seeds

I also sell them on ebay. Just search for my handle: "sunflower_info" or do a search on the words "giant" and "sunflower" or "corn" or "amaranth" or "squash" or "gourd" or "millet", etc. You'll find them!

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5+ year old post!!! LOL!!! You can buy them on ebay.

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I have not grown giant marrow seeds before. If you have some free samples I would love to try this. thank you

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 1:38PM
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