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avedon_gwJuly 29, 2012

I could hardly believe it when I started looking around this a.m. I have quite a few photos, so I will do two posts, one now and one later. First, Friday morning we were surprised to have a very nice little storm come through, and when it was over, we had 1.5 inches of rain. No doubt it really boosted up all our plants, which is a good thing indeed. We will finish July with 4.23 inches of rain, a real godsend. Going into the hottest and usually driest part of the year, this is wonderful, for now really hot temps are predicted for the rest of the week with no rain. Now, with no further ado, on to the pics. Avedon

Julianna Lynn--this is the last flower, unless we get some more surprise scapes, which has been happening lately. I am not counting on it.

Starstruck--this was a shocker, for I had totally overlooked seeing this one. It's blooming on a proliferation my husband rooted a couple of year ago.

Smoky Mountain Autumn--another one I wasn't paying attention to. This is on a proliferation my husband rooted about three years ago. We didn't think this prolif would take, but this year, it decided it wanted to live, and we are so glad it did. We will probably move it this fall to join its mother.

"Bold Tiger Lookalike" clump shot. This one continually surprises us by popping more scapes. It is definitely a keeper. I am posting a single, double, and triple of this one.

Miss Victoria has really come to life. This one has 13 scapes on it, which you might be able to see in the next picture.

I can see one scape has bloomed out, but there should be 12 more to go.

When I was doing the Miss Victoria pics, I happened to look way down in the foliage and look what I found--a little visitor!

My "Mom's Seedling" has also put up numerous rebloom scapes. We have a huge number of these plants, all grown from proliferations,

"Mom's Seedling" Twins--the sun backlit these this morning.

"Jean's Joyful Noise" looking pretty, and another one putting up more scapes.

There are more, but I must stop and do some other things, so this p.m. I will post the last of the group of photos. Avedon

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My favorite is the 'Mom's Seedling', so delicate looking and pretty! Marg

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shive(6b TN)

Glad to hear you've gotten so much rain recently. You still have a lot blooming there. The Bold Tiger Lookalike has really put on a show for you. I remember it from your other posts. "Mom's Seedling" is soft and pretty, and "Jean's Joyful Noise" is also attractive and reminds me of my "Rubber Maid." Did you hybridize the seedlings?


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Thank you, Marg and Debra. My "Mom's Seedling" is the only J. Carpenter reject I purchased that lived. I bought it nine or ten years ago, and it's turned out just great. It is very pod fertile and always seems to crank out lots of proliferations. As a result, we probably have about 70 of them in various places around the property. "Jean's Joyful Noise" came up volunteer right next to a group of "Mom's Seedling". I truly believe "Mom's Seedling" is the pod parent, pollen parent unknown. This daylily has many of the qualities of M.S., same general plant habit and it particularly has the ability to produce 2 to 3 proliferations per scape. I think we have 15 "Jean's Joyful Noise" daylilies growing here now, 14 of them from proliferations. My sister is a minister and she sings, so I took the name from the Bible passage-"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord". Seems appropriate for her namesake daylily. Avedon

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Hurray, hurray for the much needed rain. The daylilies are loving it. So many pretty blooms you have there. Truely they are all my favorites.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Beautiful Avedon; I love juLIANNA lynn AND ALSO BOLD TIGER LOOK ALIKE. gorgeous, and I love MOM'S SEEDLING, its gorgsous, so is MISS VICTORIA.Your husband seems to have very good luck with rooting the ptolifs.I have tried at least 6 or 7 of them and dont have one rooted yet.Have one sitting in water right now to see if it will root, but, dont give it much hope. its surprising to me that I have not beeen able to root them, as I have always rooted anything I wanted before. Have rooted dozens and dozens of roses. I have another one out on MARIETTA'S SURPRISE, I plan to try again rwith it when the scape is finished blooming.I am not giving up on it anyway.


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Jean's Joyful Noise really appears to have substance, like a rubber maid. Miss Victoria and Juliana Lynn, also nice, but my fave is your cute visitor (easy to miss).

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shive(6b TN)

Oh my goodness - 70 prolif plants of Mom's Seedling. I guess you really do like that one!


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I especially like Smokey Mountain autumn, Your Bold Taget lookalike, and your Mom's Seedling. It's a beauty.

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Jean, my husband never met a proliferation he didn't want to root and he has a real talent for it, too much so some times. That's why we have so many of Mom's Seedling. He has never started them in water, always in the ground. You have a real talent for rooting roses and we were always just so-so there. Thank for the nice comments on the daylilies.

Mantis, Jean's Joyful Noise does have nice substance. I think it has more light peach coloring to it than shows in the pictures. It's just pure luck that I saw that little frog.

Debra, as I told Jean, my husband loves to root proliferations. I am going to try to get some of those seventy plants moved out so I have the room to spend more money on DLs. LOL.

Kay, appreciate all the kind words, thanks a bunch.

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Congratulations on the rain, and on all of your beautiful daylilies.

I have a question for you. I could not find a "Miss Victoria" in the online AHS database, but I do see that it is being sold (as a trademark name) at a few online nurseries. None of the nurseries specify a ploidy, and none of their pictures show polymerous blooms as yours does.

Do you know if 'Miss Victoria' is a dip or tet? How often does it throw polymerous blooms for you? And are the scape and bloom sizes that I see online (22" scape, 4" bloom) correct (is that how it performs in your garden)?

Thanks in advance.

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Lots of beautiful daylilies from both of your posts, especially the "Bold Tiger" one. I especially like the butterfly and frog photos -- you have a keen eye to have spotted that frog!

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Nancy zone 6

You still have lots blooming, I'm so amazed when I have almost nothing in bloom now. Love the Bold Tiger lookalike, seems like it may bloom better than Bold Tiger. Mom's seedling is wonderful too.

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Polymerous, I have spent some time on the computer trying to make sure of the info I have on Miss Victoria. The reason you won't find it on the AHS database is that it's from England, hybridized by the Blooms of Bressingham. They have done a series of "Lady" daylilies, including Miss Victoria and Miss Amelia--which we have--and others like Lady Lucille, Lady Rose, etc. To look these up, search Daylilies By Blooms Of Bressingham. I thought I knew the Blooms were the hybridizers, but I wanted to be sure. Miss Victoria is a diploid, and generally, the scape height and bloom size is correct as you have it listed. I don't know just how often it polys, but today I found a bloom with four petals and three sepals. We received this plant as a bonus from Oakes Daylilies several years ago. They sell some of the Bressingham hybrids. I hope this helps you out.

Maximus and Nancy, "B.T. Lookalike" was a passalong plant that came from Jack Carpenter originally. So far as I know, it is a diploid because I tried crossing it with Mom's Seedling both ways--as pod and as pollen--and nothing took.
Mom's a tet, so naturally I decided B.T Lookalike was a dip. Of course, now I know sometimes these crosses won't take because condition aren't right. Whatever it is, it is doing wonderfully well, and it also produces proliferations. We have four of these plants because of that. Avedon

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Thanks, Avedon, for all of your hard work in information-gathering on 'Miss Victoria'! (I tried the plant patent website, and even looked at a different trademark website (since it appeared that 'Miss Victoria' was a trademark name), and I couldn't find any information from those sources. I had no clue where else to look for any data.)

It's too bad that it is a diploid, but I am glad to have the information, and hopefully it will be of value to those hybridizing with diploid polys. (I used to hybridize with the dip polys, but for a number of reasons have been moving over to the tets.)

Thanks again for all of your help!

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