Gesneriads at the Cactus and Succulent Show

jon_d(Northern Calif.)July 24, 2005

I don"t have much time to post today. We are having our biggest C&S show of the season this weekend and today, Sunday, I have the morning off. I brought in plants to sell and plants to show. In the show I entered in the catagory for gesneriacea, usually just for sinningia. But, I decided to open up the class with some other succulent genseriads. I put in Petrocosmea minor, Chirita 'Kazu' and Sinningia cochlearis (which went to Oregon and back, just two weeks ago). The little petrocosmea made, as I expected, a big hit. Everyone wants to know what it is? They are totally amazed by its symetry and can see its succulent qualities. The chirita, which won the blue, is full of flowers and looks very full with many stems, but didn't get the attention the petrocosmea did. In the sale I brought a small number of gesneriads, and surprisingly, they mostly all sold yesterday, which is the main day of the sale. I brought in a half dozen Nematanthus 'Petropolis' starters in 2" pots plus a stem with flowers in a vase. All the little plants sold in the morning (at $4) each. And, I sold the cutting with the flowers for the same price to a couple visiting from France. So, my little nematanthus will go to Paris in a few days. I sure hope they can root it and get it to do well.

I also sold various little sinningia seedlings. The succulent growing public was quite happy to take plants that I didn't sell at the AGGS convention. This is the first time I have sold plants for myself in many years. Usually I grow everything and donate for our local chapter, which I will be doing for our San Francisco club show in late August. I better go, I have lots of watering to do before I get back to the show, up in San Francisco.


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...apparently there wasn't a Sinningia micans, though, huh? heehee
How cool to have your plants jetting off to far reaches! There must be a real sense of satisfaction in that.

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