My Columnea

lal58(z5 NY)July 21, 2008

Hello everyone, My name is Lori and I bought a columnea last year at a Lowe's store. I was taken by its beautiful long trailing small leaves. And I believe it has an orange flower. But that's just it. It has never flowered. It has grown beautifully in my sky-lighted hallway which has direct sun part of the day and is very warm and humid. It has been over a year since I've purchased it. I have not changed the soil hoping to make it pot bound to encourage blooming. (It is the only thing that I haven't done.) I have used Peter's 20's food for houseplants. Can anyone help me to get it to bloom? Or otherwise provide me with info on how to take care of it better?



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irina_co(z5 CO)

Lori -

try to cool it down. It is hard to find a cold spot right now - but later when the heat will subside - you can even leave it ouside for the nights.

I think it is a seasonal memory for it - in their natural habitat they bloom after the cold period. We have a lady in our club who takes them to the unheated basement, chills them at 50-60F - and they all come to bloom.

Good luck


PS Aeschynanthus - lipstick vine - is similar in habit to columnea - and I think it will appreciate your bathroom heat and humidity better - and bloom its head off - and your columnea can be happier on the east window.

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lal58(z5 NY)

Wow! I didn't think of that! Thanks so much! I live in a brownstone on the top floor in Bklyn, NY. The hallway landing is usually the coldest in the winter and warmest in the summer of the all the landings in the building. But I am going to try putting it outdoors this late summer/early fall-- (on my fire escape)-- Thanks again!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Lori -

if you will find a cooler spot at home - it would be better - less chances for picking the bugs.

Some columneas bloom almost all the time - and some - are seasonal bloomers - so - do not despair.


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lal58(z5 NY)

thank you Irina-will do

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