Streps... Bad roots, need help fast...

studio157(6 NW Indiana)July 6, 2007

I just got some new Strep's (07-03-07) and went to replant them (07-05-

07). They are young plants (2 1/2" pots, leaves 3 - 4") and the

leaves are pretty healthy still, but the root system is shot (size of

a finger tip). In a case like this, is it better to leave them be and

let them try to regrow or cut the leaves off (propogate them) and try

to regrow the stem? I guess the question is; do the leaves on streps

help in bringing back to life, or do they add extra stress to a bad

off plant and further it's demise? I've had a few transactions with

the grower and they stand behind their plants and will send

replacements as they become available. I just want to try and save

what I got if at all possible.



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irina_co(z5 CO)

Nik - you can cut half of the leaf and root it. I trim it to create a "stem". Someway it stimulates the old plant too. To help your repotted plants you can cover them - create a mini greenhouse - provided that the soil is never too wet.

Good luck


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