down to 48 degree tonight, move plants inside.

olympia_gardener(5)September 13, 2012

Not sure it is true or not, according to the weatherman, temperature here is going to drop down to 48 degree tonight and tomorrow night. Although weatherman had scared me many times in the past, but I can't take the chances. I have a lot of moving to do after work, only leave few cold hard ones out.... I guess winter is come, it is a part of preparing.

I really envy you guy/gal who lives farther south and don't have to worry about move plants twice a year... more than twice a year...however many times, the temperature goes up and down in spring and fall and anything in between... You don't know the back pain after all these...I may not be able to sit up to check this forum for a few days...This might help me repent from my "sin" finally.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I hear ya, OG! The realities of growing tropicals is a pain in the back! I move my orchids in when it's going to be below 60. I also move my plumerias up front when I get home to move them into the sun (something we've talked about...chasing the sun!).
We should keep such things in mind when the next plant comes across our radars. ;)
Sometimes I just want to stay in bed in the mornings instead of getting up and watering in the dark before going to work.
Soon winter will be shutting us all down though and we'll forget how much hard work is involved with our obsession and we'll break down and order more come spring. :)


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Yes Olympia, time has come to repent! I have been moving my plants into the garage & out during the day and I have gone thro my plant list a hundred times on what to keep & what to kill and I can never make up my mind. I am suffering from headache, heartache & backache.

Robert , you said it.I for one already have started on my 2013 list.
Vigna caracalla - snail vine is at the top of my list.
Have a nice day.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! I thought this thread would discourage people, not have them add things to next year's list! :)
But since we're going there I want Telosma cordata, Golden Michelia alba, Brunfelsia jamaicensis and countless plumeria cultivars such as Pink Kiss, Kimi Moragne, Typhoon, etc. Laugh.

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Chasing the sun? Oooohhh, have I been chasing the sun! They go from being in my backyard and end up in the front of my driveway with no where to park by the end of this month.

Then I stand there looking at all my Tropicals wondering which ones are going to get prime space and then crappy space. I know I have to take the shears to many and yet I don't want to.

I also watch the forecast every day seeing and praying that the temps that fall below the 50 mark. And to boot, I too have to keep my Orchids warm already using a space heater much to soon to keep temps into the 60's.

There is this tree I can't stand that I pray gets taken down by a snow storm before it looses its leaves like last year to provide more sun.

You see, it just keeps on going. I just looked at one of my Brunfelsia tonight and realized it is much too big to move!

I have a headache and a back ache. But then, what would we do with our brains if we didn't have these challenges? lol

By the way, where can I get a GOLDEN MICHELIA ALBA? I have been dying for one of these! I would throw away a plant to make room for another.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Well it could be just Michelia champaca but Kemistry took the gamble from this eBay seller. :)

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I don't have any of my plants outside - but, I do worry about all the ones I have in my windows that I haven't closed yet.

going from 50 degrees at night - and now today, it's going to be 85 again. I'm already lazy to close windows that I know I'll just have to open again. But then, I have my new gardenia plants sitting on a sill (window wide open) - am I risking to kill her? ... I guess this means I should shut that window ... the cold spell is supposed to be coming next week. This may be our last warm weekend. (it seems to soon)

I don't know how you all handle having trees indoors... I tried growing an avacado (from a seed) - It got to be a 5' twig with lots of greenery making it a bit top-heavy. The pot/dirt was a lot heavier than the tree was. Anyway - It was one of the few plants I decided to kill. It took up to much of my limited window space.

Now - I have another plant that may get the same treatment - I'm trying not to be sentimental. I have an umbrella plant that I got from a clipping from work - about 7 or 8 years ago. The pot/root-ball - is huge, but, I had moved the plant so far away from the windows this summer that except for one branch, the rest has basically become leaf-free... It's a sorry excuse for a house-plant. It used to be really beautiful - and full - now - it needs a lot of doctoring. (but, the fragrant plants just claimed all the sunny windows ... what can I do?)

:) I'm trying not to sin anymore. Seriously, one season's 'joy' seems to become the next season's sorrow... really, when will I just say - "I'm happy with what I have, already?"

anyone want any cacti? :) They'll be #3 on my ... to go list

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Robert have mercy, you reminded me of my forgotten past!Now I have telosma & B.Gigantea on my list.

Mike & Robert, so true about chasing the sun.

By the way what is this jasmine,it is advertized as Grand duke.;hash=item337be467f3

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hmmm...definitely not Grand Duke from their pictures. I'd say more like Mysore Mulli or Arabian Nights. Who knows!


I'd move your gardenia away from the windows at night and then move them back in the mornings. That's pretty much what I do with my tender babies that are growing outside (constantly moving them). Laugh.


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I remember yellowThumb had share source in one of his thread that he got his Champaca from a Canadian vendor.

On top of my head, for next year or in between now and next year, are boronia megastigma, Jasmine Duke surpreme, dwarf tree Jasmine, I might be brave enough to try Champaca also. I am sure this only represents small portion of the list... There are Orchids, citrus, fruits, Veggies... That I want to add into my collection next year. They all add up into a ever growing budget... A friend of mine laugh at me said if your budget is growing every week, is it still called budget? ... I start to understand how our goverment got itself into such deep debts...

Hi, Mike, How are you? Driveway is a good idea. Mine is black so should have more heat stored. I recently moved one of my Brug. from east facing yard to the west side conceret. It started flower in very short time. I think the west side has more heat and the concret soak it up too . . .
Yes, window space assigment is never easy. I wish I had more and larger windows, or like you , have a green house...

Dl, you started this 2013 list, you are bad influence here.... LOL. Didn't you know how much I have spent after your Tuberose tempation?...too embrassed to tell. But if you get Vigna caracalla, let me know how its scent smells like...

Robert, last night , all my 35 pots of Orchids are in. My family room look like a plants and flowers show. No TV last night. Can't put a foot into it. Only person can go through the room is the cat. My Catts. are big in size, big in leaves, and the leaves are stiff and go all over the directions... Take up a lot more space than others. Every year, I swear not to get any, yet every year I get something new... ooh, their flowers are big and spectacular ! Amazing beauty.
I usually leave all my Orchids out till mid 50s. If the temp is in low 50, I just pray they will be OK. But if below 50 , I stop praying, start to move them inside.
orchids are not the only plants I moved in last night, My Ginger, Tree Jasmine, etc, total about 52 plants, which is half of what I have outside. All these 52 pots of plants are all moved out this morning... We are going to have 70+ degeree in day time...
Move in and out and in again tongiht, out again tomorrow morning... Crazy, crazy... Am I a rational being any more?

A pleasant surprise when I moved my plants outside this morning. I found my Epi. is still blooming under the morning sun. I forgot move it inside last night. I was planning to, but, it was getting dark, and i am tired... The flowers are much beautiful in the day time than at night. I guess the cold temperature really confused this poor plant...

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Wow, OG! The number of pots you have makes us all look positively sane in comparison! ;)
Your epi is absolutely stunning! Wish I could sniff it at night.


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Robert, I haven't counted in small pots of cuttings, Jasmine cutting, blueberry cutting... etc.. These are too small to be noticed at this moment, but they all have to be moved in when Winter comes. When the real truth is told at end of next month, you may look as pure as Mary comparing to my sin....

I was going to ask someone here about the scent of night bloom Epi. I think I'll start a new thread.

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nankeen(z8b Portland OR)

Wow! You guys have so much work to do! I feel so lazy in comparison... I wait for the week when either the fall rain starts or the temp is supposed to get into the low 40's, whichever comes first, to move in the things on the deck. They only get moved once. I put the really tropical things, like the paphs and phrags, in the greenhouse and will move those back inside when the temp in there goes below 60. I have been doing the day/night window closing/opening thing for about a month now for the plants and people, but I like doing that for some reason. My real effort is when I have to move out the hardy seedlings from the greenhouse and move in all the summer dormant things for the winter growing season. Lots an lots of heavy flats. I suppose it's all worth while for a couple of flowers...

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Yuck, winter!!!

OG, you asked about the scent of Epi, Night Blooming Orchid Cactus.

Over the years, I've sniffed its blooms numerous times, but cannot detect any smell.
Then again, I can barely smell Hoya blooms, except for H. Multiflora.

My sniffer works fine...I smell smoke long before fire trucks sirens chime. Don't get it! lol.

About Gardenias and cold. Living in IL, where winters sometimes dip below 0, 'not as cold as it used to be,' my 16/7-yr-old grafted Gardenia is the first plant to go out in spring, and last plant to come back in autumn. So, as early as Apr and late as Dec.

The cold promotes buds, and/or blooms are longer-lasting.

It's been covered in snow, 'few hours,' but cold temps have yet to harm it.

There is one problem bringing plants inside after left out once temps are 45F or lower. Especially once heat is turned on. LEAF DROP.

I remember saying I'd never keep plants out once temps hit 50F, but they looked healthy and fresh, which made it difficult hauling indoors.

Now Plumerias are 'probably' the most cold-sensitive plants around.
I once bought several Plumes from a nurery in HI. They were 2.00 each. Instead of placing in pots, they went in the front garden.
Once temps were 60F, each were repotted in soil, but still left outside.

One afternoon, temps dropped from 80 to 40 in a matter of hours. I was bringing other plants inside the house. By the time I got to the Plumes, every single leaf had frost bite. A couple canes softened.
I have two Plumes, but were not taken outdoors this year, although they'd have grown much larger, and possibly flowered. Since that day, I fear taking Plumes outdoors.

Of course, some plants are more sensitive and drop leaves just changing location. Ficus is one example.

Anyway, I dread winter, not looking forward to another icy season. Plants like it less than I, lol. Moving from sun, humidity and fresh air into a warm, dry stuffy house is a shock to our plants.

So, guess the options are leaving plants inddoors year round or dealing with shock. Toni

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I was chatting with Kemistry about his 'The Pearl' tuberose about to bloom which reminded me of yet another plant I want for next year, the single tuberose! Laugh.
At least this one feeds the nose and the hummingbirds so I just have to get some, right? :)


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This website makes me plant envious, but, I have no more room in front of my windows. It's official - I closed the south facing windows yesterday morning, and I don't think they'll open again this season. I only left 4 open windows because I do like fresh air. 2 of those windows are west facing, one north facing, and the last East facing - because I haven't yet taken the AC out of my bedroom window. It was 48 degrees on sunday morning, and perfect reason with my sitting on the couch shivering to say that it was due time to close them.

And sunday night - I called my sister to warn her that zone 5 - she should bring her plants in from her deck. She has lots of citrus trees, jasmine ... and others - all outside to soak up the summer rays. I warned her that Southern NH was getting frost at night now - and that was all it took to get her to rush home to bring them inside.

I feel bad for the plants - having all that lovely sun - then brought inside to filtered light. Here we all love our tropicals - but, our homes really aren't made to keep them thriving.

This year - I may need to succumb and fully research and buy some plant lights. Most especially if my gardenias begin to grow out of those pots on the window sill. I know it'll happen soon enough.

One more learning experience ahead, but, I'm dreading this one. It seems to easy to make a bad decision when dealing with lighting, and what's best for plants... I started reading a bit a few weeks ago, and the whole red vs. blue - just confused me to much that I closed the website. :)

They don't make cheat-sheets for this, right?

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About lighting. There are numerous lights/stands available. Inexpensive to more than we can afford. lol.

In the back plant room I use one, white cool and one, white warm fluorescent bulbs. Does the job.
In front, fixture holds two Gro-Lights.

The white, cool/warm are inexpensive. Gro-Lights are/were 19.99 per bulb.

My dh made a light stand from a 20.00, plastic shelf. Lights are turned on and off by a timer, '7.99' daily.

The fixtures are inexpensive, Shop Lights, purchased at Home Depot.

Our electric bill doesn't increase much either. Lights are kept on 8-12 hours per day.

There's information on plant light bulbs meant to work best for plants on Google.
Hopefully, someone on this forum has an answer, too.

I forgot how it goes, but one color works for flowering plants and the other for foliage. Real help, right? lol.

Yep, bringing plants indoors after spending summer outside is a shock. Moreso once heat is turned on.
Plants do great outdoors, then to be moved in a dry, stuffy, lack of sun house throws them off balance. Poor plants!

48F is cold for me, lol, but most plants will adapt. Of course, cold temps depend on the type of plant.
Plumerias in soil that is wet rot fast..even at 48F. Same with cactus and succulents.

Citrus, do okay.

The problem is, the longer plants are left in the cold, the harder to acclimate once brought in a heated house.
Thankfully, two plant rooms stay cool and have several windows, which helps a lot.

Before plants come in, my artifial lights are prepared and humidifer/indoor fountain is ready to go. Each plant is showered and sprayed w/home-made insecticide.

Windows, shelves and stands are cleaned w/vinegar.

Actually, it's probably better to bring plants inside before temps drop under 50-60, but they look so good it's a difficult task. Not to mention the work

What type of light fixtures are you considering? Toni

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Well, ... I have an unused table in my north facing kitchen that would look great with plants on it... (what single person eats at a table, yes? ) So, if I could find a light system that was a table-top version - maybe 4 feet high to allow for plant growth? Then I could put the mandevilla and tahitian gardenia in that room to grow to their hearts' content. I know that they won't be long in those 4 inch pots and fitting on a 3.5" window-sill.

that kitchen has almost 'no' natural light. the small 'attic' size window - makes it so that I have to put lights on, even at noon-time, when I go into that room. this said - it's also the coldest room in the house. In winter - I'd say the room remains between 55-65 degrees.

My south facing room - is usually between 70-80. The sole heat unit is in this room - so the air circulates ... as it will (or wont). In the past, I've closed off the west facing room - but now - considering my increase of house plants in those windows - I may decide to switch my rooms around and move my bedroom into the west room, instead of being in the East room. :)

If I do that... I'll close the east room and help the air circulate better by not having to go into that section of the apartment.

So, yes - plenty of plans for winterizing this year. I'd love to get some sort of grow lights. I also know that I have to be cautious about the wattage - since my apartment only has 40 amps.

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Toni, I spelled your name wrong in other thread. I am sorry for the misspell... Does not mean to change your gender.

Talking about indoor lights and winter preparation, there are a lot need to be done before the real winter comes.

This past weekend, I bought a 7'tall 4' wide good looking shelf that I am going to put it in front of one sliding door. I hope it can cramp in two large plants and some smaller ones in between on each layer. I also bought florescent light fixtures, fit two 4' tubes each. I am still watching the lights and its fixtures on sale to get more. I use full spectrum lights.
I also put together a 5' tall, 5' wide light stand to hang the light fixture on . I bought somen scraped wood for $0.5/pc at Menards. Each light stand uses 3pcs ( 2 up and 1 cross) 1X4 and 2pcs 1' long 2x4 as legs. Total is about $2 without cost of nails. This 2x4 as the "legs" will leave some room if needed( add 2 more pcs wood across) for the plants that have wicker at the bottom ( wicker needs to be suspended in the air) . And can also put a catch basin under the pots when water the plants, this feature is especially handy for the plants that are in fast drain type of soil. I've bought enough wood, I am planning to put few more light stands together next week. meanwhile , I am following Meyer Miek's check list, spray my plants every week with Fish Emulsion to minimize red mites, scale, etc. nasty bugs. I still need to figure out the way of getting rid of ants nested in the pot. Boy, after I moved all the pots out last Friday morning, I found so many homeless ants running around on the floor... yuck!

I almost forget the daily timer you mentioned , is a must. Thanks for bringing it up.

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OG, no problem misspelling my name. lol.

Oh yes, there's so much to be done befor hauling plants back in. Makes me tired thinking about it. lol

Your new shelf sounds big enough and very nice. How much space is between shelves?
One problem w/shelves, there's usually not enough room to place large plants. Shelves that can be adjusted are great but hard to find.

Menard's usually has sales this time of year..Also, check online coupons. Never know what you'll find.

Are you going to wire the fixtures yourself? If so, please be careful. I don't like messing w/electric, too

What are you going to nail?

Two of my light fixtures are hanging from chains...the chains hang from the ceiling. This set up can be adjusted to higher or lower the fixture.

A few years ago I got a large, green shelf that holds numerous plants. It has 3 top levels and the bottom. The light hangs above this shelf. Takes a lot of room, but so do my
Think it's about 72" wide..

How do you clean plants before bringing in the house? I HATE spiders and ants..We've had ant problems the last four years. At this point, I don't know how to rid them. I guess baits, though I don't care to use poisons, especially since we have birds and a nosey dog. I worry one will find the bait and nibble. Oh God, don't even like thinking about it.

However, once plants are inside, I plan on placing baits throughout. Hopefully, enough ants will bring poison to the queen ant, and kill her.
I can imagine what you found when you moved your plant! Been there, done that. Yuck!!!

Vinegar kills ants on contact, but doesn't kill the queens. As long as the queens are around, the scout ants hunt for food. Disgusting!

What exactly are full spectrum lights? Where did you find them?

Are you talking about wicker baskets/containers?
When I worked at a plant store, we'd place styrofoam sheets on top of the wicker, then set the pot atop the styrofoam. Wicker containers lined in baskets hold water and can cause rot. But, not certain if wicker containers are what you mean.

When will you start bringing plants inside? There's so much to

I've been using Fish Emulsion plus other home-made products for years, OG. Otherwise, insects attack our plants.
I noticed whitefly in the yard yesterday, pray they don't follow my indoor plants. This happened once before..I had to buy yellow sticky traps which worked wonders..I couldn't believe the number of whitefly that took over.

Mike is a great guy. He and I talk plants a His plants are gorgeous, takes good care of each.

Yes, timers and hygrometers are important. I use 3 hygrometers..each display humidity and temp. If it's too dry, up goes the humidifer. Sometimes I boil water until windows steam
Plus daily misting and weekly showering.

OG, do you fertilize during winter months? Mist?

I don't fertilize, but spray daily. Every two weeks I spray with soapy water, garlic, citrus peel/juice and hot pepper..This remedy prevents mites.

Wish I could find a solution for mealybug. Before the ants, my plants were pest-free. Rubbing Alcohol doesn't work, but I sometimes use it. Depends on plant/s. And again, I don't like using chemical insecticides, but that's me.

How many plants do you hae to lug inside?

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Yes, and don't forget about the CENTIPEDES and those dang EARWIGS! Yuk!

Yes, I have know Toni for years and I can tell you she is a wonderful she:-).
Toni beats me in the category of most longest living plants! I have yet to keep them going for as many years as she does, but I am on my way with her wonderful secrets! Fish Emulsion being one of them:-)

OG, keep up the good practice of spraying your plants before they come in. It does wonders for pest and disease prevention and for cleaning of the leaves. Don't you just love the way the leaves look after using the emulsion?

Plants are still outside! Even in the 40's at night weather, the days have been still warm enough to raise roots temps and keep the going.
Let me tell you though, I keep collecting them about the yard until they are all stationed in the same spot in the driveway until I am ready to toss them through the

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Hi, Toni. I know what you mean about not having enough space between shelves. Most shelf only can fit the pot not the pot+plant. The distance in between the shelves is not large enough. The shelf I bought comes with 6 shelves, but I only put 3 on to have a larger space about 2' in between each other. Although the top shelve will not get much sun. I can put some trailing plants on it so they hanging down to catch some sun ray, I hope. I am going to put a 4' long floracent light fixture right under each shelves to provid additional light.

I will be careful when I work with electric. It is more dangerous than just put a wood stand together. The nails are for the wood light fixture stand. I originally was going to go with the PVC pipe. but it cost more to buy PVC pipes unless you have scraped PVC pipes on hand. To put one stand in each room, I need put together more than just one so it is more economical to buy those leftover wood to build them . Don't you love Menard? I go there almost every week... Check out their fall plants sale... their pots price is great... their cleaning suppliers... small applicance price is great after rebate... They start to carry food items now... I bought watermelon, apple, onion, potaotes there... strange , isn't it?
Behind every visible color is the frequency of wave. The full Spectrum light is a light that is designed to provid full range or closer to full range of sun ray wave from warm color at lower end of freqency to whiter color at the end of higher frequency. It also extended into part of invisible wave such as UV which natural sun has. The plants growth, in general, responds to the light frequency they get, or requires certain light frequency to trigger either flower bud, fruiting, or just grow leaves. I am kind of lazy to figure out which plant needs which ( thinking about having to remember at end of the season and lable the light for next year before put in storage boxes... lot of works) so I just bought full spectrum to all the plants. But if you know what you want grow, just want grow foilage, or want grow fruits in the winter... a targeted color range grow light might work better. you can find most of common size and wattage lights at Menards. Again, I love Menards.

I wish I could clean my plants before I bring them in. In reality, I just have too many pots to clean them all. I in general just inpsect the plants and outside the pots to make sure no slug hiding somewhere. I have a cat, so I can't put any ant poison out in the yard or inside house. The ant is a big problem for me. I do not mind spiders, especailly the jumping spider that doesn't wave web and it eat insects , It is very good at controling mites in winter time. I want them to come inside with the plants... My neighbor put his garbage can outside, and the rotten chicken smell draw quite few flies near and I saw the jumping spider got one of the flies in my citrus tree, amazing...

I got the Fish Emulsion tip from one of your posting, thanks again for sharing this secrat. I spray my plants every week on schedule. squirrels seem dislike the fishy smell. I am going to pay closer attention to moth to see if moth likes the fish smell on my fruit tree leaves or not. Interestingly, I have never had mealybug problem, knock the wood. I have seen scale, aphis, mites, sometimes whitefly in the past but have never seen mealybug on my plants. I think I have parasitic wasps live somewhere nearby that takes care a lot of my bug problems. Yes, soap, garlic, hot pepper... all works or does not completely work ... neem oil also works for mealybug
Toni, I must say that you grow your plants in much scientific way, no wonder your plants look so gorgeous, both yours and Mike's. I've never used a hygrometers just for plants. My plants get whatever the humidity I got in the house. I am probably lucky that I don't have a very humidity sensitive plant in my collection YET. Boiling some hot water certain a very good way to increas room humidity. It is a very cost effective and practical way. You are a such creative person. I hope you are willing to share more tips with me in the future.

In general, I don't fertilize my plant, but my rule of the thumb is that if the plants are "sleeping", no need for food;If they are awake, actively growing, feed a little, water a little.
Some of my plants are in and out now, but I am hoping I don't have to bring them all in for the winter till Oct./Nov. When are you going to move all your plants in?

Mike, sounded like you and Toni is having a fun friendly competition. Frankly, you both grow beautifull, productive plants beyond the "zones". I certainly agree the FE is one of big secret for such lushes, healthy, pest free plants besides loving , tender care, fertilizer, and everything else ...

I wish I could just toss my plant through the windows... The heavy ones might toss me through windows instead. How did you manage to keep people from steal your plants in your drive way while you are at work? My neighborhood is relative safe... we don't need to lock doors when we are out shipping. So far, I put some large , not attactive plants in my drive way but I am worried if I put nicer, blooming plants there, someone walks by and see the plants in the drive way, and might decide to take few pots with them home.

As you mentioned the bug with a lot of legs, Do you know the bug called rolypoly, I thought this is its name, I might spelled it wrong...the gray bug lives under the pots. It curve into a ball when you touch it... is it a good bug, bad bug , or do-no-harm bug?

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Rose, sorry didn't see your thread..possibly typing the same time.

There are table-top light fixtures..some w/plastic-green-houses, others without. Don't think you're interested in a plastic covered green house, right?

I'll look around if you'd like. Don't know if you're on a budget, but some are a tad expensive..think these nurseries and supply houses make 500% profit. :(

Or, better yet, if you know someone who is handy, perhaps one can be home-made.

What type of table-top setting are you looking for? How tall/wide?

LOL tables..our picnic table is filled w/plants..Can't recall the last time we grilled and actually 'ate' at the picnic table. lol.

Mike..I love you, too. :)

Can't recall exactly, but we've been talking for years. I remember the first time we spoke..think we discussed citrus.

You were a little thing I admired about you.

I haven't any Loving our plants is a good start. 'Loving them, not loving them to death.' I honestly believe plants sense our feelings/moods. Not exactly a 6th sense, more like 7th.

Mike, I also love the way plants look after a hearty rain. They perk up, nice and shiny. Natural rain/snow is best.

Wow, Mike, tossing through the window is easier than hauling one by sure the window is don't want to find a cracked/broken pane of glass. lol.

Temps are too cold for Sept. The same thing happened last year. The middle-end of Sept was quite chilly. I remember turning on the heat. Then it warmed up in Oct. I can deal with warmer temps in Oct when it's time to haul plants back in. No energy level decreases when it's cold.

Plus, the kiddies who trick-or-treat like showing off their costumes. Who wants to wear a coat over their costume?

Mike, when will you start bringing plants in? Or have you began? Toni

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Toni, I answered the lighting question in the 'sining' topic. :) ... one really long response - seemed easier to do it all at once.

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Rose, I'll look for a 'sining' topic. lol.

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Lol...Do you have any idea of how confusing it can be to decide which plants to bring in first, where to put them and if you should stick them back out hearing the temps will rise to the 70's within a day or but before that temps in low 40's at night..That was a mouthful.

Then, you say to yourself....Hum, if I leave them out and chance the cold, well. at least if give my plants less time to be sitting ducks indoors for anything kind of pest that looks at my rich green plant as a gourmet meal.

I know this year I am pushing the limits with leaving the out a bit longer than usual. It like wearing shorts. I try to keep wearing them as long as I can refusing to accept that winter is close by.

Some how I feel I am being jipped of warm weather at this time of the year. Our winters are long enough without having to have an unusually early spell of this cold stuff and my plants don't deserve it..

Thank goodness for people like us that care for our plants as we do, because you should see all the neighbors that just abort them finding it too much work to bring theirs inside. I usually find many at trash

Ok, I was musing, but had to express what I think many of us have in common.

Toni, how can you even think of costumes at this time? No wonder your energy level decrease,,,I get tired thinking of

Toni: I am biting my nails at this point. I am leaving them a bit longer than I normally would hoping for warmer days ahead. I keep watching the weather forecast for low readings and it looks like high 40's will do it for now and then night time lows in the 50's coming up. I am holding out although a few have found their way back into my greenhouse and plant room.

I have kept all my orchids inside for the most part, but things like my smaller fragrant plants are in the greenhouse. The common houseplants are in the house now and couple of choice cactus, desert roses, plumeria, piniculata, African gardenia, all most hoyas, a couple of citrus are inside now.

Olympia, yes we go way back. I have learned much from her!
I must say that Fish Emulsion has saved my plants from the ravages of the usual houseplant pests! I just picked up a 1 gallon jug of it at my local nursery from a friend of mine that works there at her cost price. What a blessing that was.
Look up 'Neptunes Harvest'..The best stuff in the world and made locally here.

Robert, I noticed your comment on gardenia. I had no idea that leaving the that close to a window could cause an issue. Thanks for that. I tend to leave mine right up against the glass for the highest amount of light and yet I never thought of how cold it can get at night so close.
Do you enjoy growing gardenia?


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shorts... yes, a week ago, I had to stop wearing my capris to work. It's to chilly in the morning to fake that it's still summer. This week, I began adding jeans and long slacks into the mix - but there were still 2 warmer days - so I had a few days of colorful flirtatious summer skirts added in there. I can't give up those yet! I will miss the summer and all its colors. Winter clothing has always been pretty boring - to much black, brown, gray ... and not enough pinks, and greens, pastel blues. Yes, I'm a summer girl - I love flowers, and like to see their gorgeous colors translated into clothes. :)

But, when you hear the weather report and it says - today will be in the 60s... you know that tonight will be in the 40s. How can we leave our coats or sweaters at home?

Id be afraid to leave my windows open near my plants ... the constant temperature fluctuations between day to evening - now that I was warned about my gardenias being to close to an open window with 40's temps - I know that there's plenty more risk of that in the weeks ahead. My windows are mostly closed now - minus the one in the bedroom, and the one in the living room that's far from my tropicals. I can't give up the fresh air, yet - not knowing that in another month there'll be no fresh air indoors. I'm already imagining taking the blankets out of the closet.


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Morning Mike,

I know how you feel. I too considered bringing some plants inside, but which come in? What if temps go up to 80? They'll be stuck in a stuffy house without much light.

How do you wear shorts when it's been soooo cold? 71F high. Think it's been 3 wks since I wore's jeans and a warm top.

Mike, I sometimes check your weather..Can't believe how cold it is. What a year, huh? Maybe, by some miracle, winter won't be so cold/snowy. It's possible.

Funny, people here do the same w/their plants..they buy expensive plants in spring, then toss them in autumn. While walking my dog, I've seen many plants lying in the alley. I considered taking the Pots are sooo expensive. Especially large pots. But, a tad embarrassed. Don't want neighbors mixing me up for the junkmen. lol.

About costumes..Haven't you shopped lately? The stores have Halloween candy and costumes..since July! lol. I too think it's early, but stores want to make money, get ppl in the mood..the same goes for Christmas..A couple days after Halloween, Christmas decorations will be in the markets, while holiday music is playing. 'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas,' Bing Crosby.

Mike, so you have brought plants in??? Wow, that was fast. Last time we talked all your plants were outside.
My Orchids stay indoors, so don't have to worry about those guys..All but the Orchid I got while working at HD. That goes out every's still out and blooming. I can't bring it in yet..

Before plants come in, I have to clean the areas they'll be over-wintered. Problem is, my large shelf is already am I going to water this winter??? lol. Need a long pole holding a water can and tilt the can to I simply cannot reach plants way in back. Oh boy!!!

Where have I heard Neptune's Harvest?? Mike, did you mention this nursery to me before? Thankfully, I have 1.5 FE bottles left. I use it for insects and fertilizing certain plants, like succulents, Dracaenas, Aglaonemas, and Philodendrons.

Soon I have to order another bottle of SuperThrive. I buy it by the Sometimes, FE and ST is sold locally, but more often than not, it has to be ordered online.
Buying ST locally is a rip-off..a 4oz bottle for 13.99. I pay 20.00 for a quart online.

Mike, one other thing about Halloween..The last wk has had that autumn/Halloween feeling..Maybe you haven't noticed..the air smells 'fall-y,' lol, grey skies, rain..I wish the air smelled and felt like summer, but it doesn't.

I dread winter. Not only because of plants but me. lol. My body doesn't adapt to the cold. And winter is soooo depressing. Makes me SAD.

Anyway, have a great day, hugs, Toni

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Rose, just noticed you commented.

Faking summer. lol. Someone would have to be Super-Strong-Willed to wear shorts, sleeveless top when temps are 50F, and that someone isn't me.

Showering is difficult when it's cold. Thinking about it gives me goose bumps. lol.

Like you, I'm a summer person. Don't get me wrong, I adore snow for Christmas, but after I want spring.

Although I check the weather channel, 'and you're right,' when you see, high 60F, you know it's going to be a colddd night. Depressing.

A few windows are opened, but for the most part, closed for the year.
Can't wait until

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Today, yuk Im bring all my gardenias,plumerias 8 small and 2 large and all 45 desert rose babies I grew from seed plus all the 6 larger plants desert roses.First time ever doing this usually I run out like a fool and do the covering with sheets but I cant do that anymore too much worl plus I have to do Moms so I decided to make my lunai with the plastic film they put on in florida instead of glass windows and put blinds up the cheap way believe me.Anybody have any suggestions on what I should do to get the ants out of the desert roses and plums someone said fish emulsion is that true?Thank you Kathi from Edgewater florida

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