Streptocarpus Problem.

SusanJNYJuly 20, 2012

I ordered this Cape Violet from Logee's earlier this year. It arrived with these yellow markings that have now worsened, and spread to others that I have had for years. I have not changed anything with my others (fertilizer, humidity, light). Any ideas?

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Susan, from what you are describing it sounds like it maybe a virus. Do you sterilize your tools each time between plants? Another culprit could be bugs that have fed on the infected plant and now are spreading to others.

I have had some degree of yellow mottled leaves from time to time but it was not widespread. In my case it was a cultural issue as only one leaf would show a small area of mottling.

My guess is you have a virus. Maybe Irina will be able to identify this better. She is usually responding to questions and I trust and value her opinion.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dave - thanks for kind words - I was out of commission for some time - medical issues - but I am OK now.

Susan - chuck all. Basically you need to get rid of ALL plants in a house.

Streps take the INSV (I think it is it, but can be mosaic virus as well - I am not that familiar with the subtle difference) - better than AVs, AVs get really distorted blossoms and leaves - but there is no cure. The most probable vector (carrier) for them is thrips - and now they are saying can be white flies, probably aphids - but if you use scissors to trim the leaves - it will work too - you need to dip them in an alcohol between the plants.

Next time - no matter if you dreamed about this variety for 25 years - if you see the mottling on the leaves - bag it and send it to the trash.

You can save the most valuable pots if you soak them in a really strong Clorax solution for several days. All tools should go through the rubbing alcohol.

Keep on the top of the thrips - one susupicious plant - and thrips will pass to everything in a house. So - that's why - suspicious plants do not belong - do not try to baby them back.

Been there done that in 2006. Bags and bags of disposed plants...


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Thanks for the picture and the how-to-handle info. This is just like rose rosette disease. farmerann

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