Starting strep leaves, need advice

jessjesting(6a (NE Ohio))July 2, 2014

I have a strep leaf I've been trying to propagate. I cut it into sections and have it in a pot in a plastic bag to create a mini greenhouse effect. I've always had great luck doing this with AV leaves. Some of the leaves are turning black around the edges. Is it being kept too moist? I only watered it once when they were initial planted. What can I do to save them? This is my first one and first try so forgive my newbie questions. I've always wanted one of these. I'll be sad if they don't make it. This is my only leaf and I can't get another. =( any advice/help appreciated! Thanks.

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First, if there is enough leaf left I would cut the black off. Cut just a little more so to be sure to get all the rot. After you have done this dust the cut with cinnamon. Cinnamon helps seal the leaf and acts as a fungicide.

Leaves only need to be in a slightly moist medium to root especially in a bag. If the soil is wet open the bag for a day or two to allow the soil to dry slightly. Then seal the bag and watering as needed.


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One more bit of advice. Since you have started AV's before this way I am sure you know, do not put your bag in any direct light. Also you may want to punch two small holes at the top of the bag to allow air exchange. I use a Phillips screwdriver and has worked well for me.


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jessjesting(6a (NE Ohio))

Thank you I will do that ASAP. I cut the sections a little big so It should be ok after I cut them. I have them on my kitchen windowsill which is under an awning so it gets bright but not indirect light. I open the bags for about an hour a day perhaps I should just do holes like you suggested. Thanks again. =)

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