Gardenia fertilizing question

princesspea(sunset14)September 30, 2013

Hi all,
I have three gardenia planted next to my deck: August beauty, vetchii and mystery. I am in San Jose. the plants have eastern exposure and a nice acidic soil condition with plenty air and correct temperature swing from day to night as they are next to an open sided deck.
The August beauty has the habit of setting tons of flowers and then having the dreaded yellow leaf/green veins that indicates iron deficiency, the poor dear. The other two are more steady slow bloomers while miss August seems to do it in flushes.
Here is my question: is it the heavy bloom that takes nutrients away? Is it because this plant is between the other two and staying too warm? Also can I fertilize this one ( between the other two) more often without hurting its neighbors?

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The only way to absolutely know if it is an iron problem is to have the soil tested at your local County Extention office. They will test it for you for a small fee.
If you are absolutely positive its the iron, you can buy Foilage Pro by Dynagrow, look up online, and dilute it next spring and feed that to your gardenia that appears to have damage from lack of iron.
If you use a safe Foliage Pro diluted on your gardenia you won't damage it. Iron can damage your plant if too much is applied so go with something gentle. It's also one of the best fertilziers on the market.
I bought mine online, my gardenias like it in the spring and they green up real fast. I have bad soil so composted manure and Foliage Pro works wonders.
Shrubs do take minerals out of the soil, that is why composted manure once a year and a good fertilizer with all the essential minerals really makes your plants healthy.

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I will use manure for top dressing in a couple weeks. Does anyone here know if its liked by citrus, stone fruits, roses, rhizome plants like ginger and iris.... I hate to buy a big bag and use a quarter of it. I have a small yard, little storage, and almost no budget.

I have foliage pro for my lemon trees. Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try in spring. It looks like many gardenias in the nursery here have the similar leaf yellowing as mine- and only that variety. Reassuring in a way!


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