Ripley's Believe It or Not - Giant Sunflowers

Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)December 15, 2004

Anyone have any seeds to Ripley's Believe It or Not - Giant Sunflowers? I tried to order some from deerbusters and they told me that they have ben discontinued. I have about two packs of them left. Looks like if I want to keep them going then I will have to breed them myself.

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mistercross(z6b Ozarks)

It doesn't look like Ripley's is in the seed business anymore. You would think someone would have been interested enough to put up a web page somewhere to list the varieties they had. But I can't find anything online.

My impression is that their varieties were not really that exotic. I have a couple of old packs of Ripley's seeds: "Spaghetti Squash" and "World Record Tomatoes". The tomato package says in smaller print "Delicious Tomato Variety" which is not just an advertising blurb. "Delicious" is the variety of tomato that holds the world record. And, if memory serves, they had a watermelon variety which was just Carolina Cross. I don't suppose the sunflower package gives any variety information?

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mistercross(z6b Ozarks)

Okay, I see from your web page that the package calls it a "special Russian Mammoth variety" (link below).

By the way, both of my packages say on the back that they were packed by Page Seed Company of Greene, NY. Their site is Page Seeds. Their Product Procurement page suggests that they don't just pack the seeds, but go out and acquire them for the client as well. There is currently no mention of sunflowers on their site, but you might email for information on Ripley's varieties.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ripley's sunflower package

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Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)

I looked on the back of my seed package and saw the page seed company. A few weeks ago, I checked out their website and even tried to email them twice to find out more information. Both times their email response came up with a blank message. I will have to call them. I'm curious to the source of the seeds. If I know where they got them, then maybe I can get them there myself.

Did you try to grow any this past year? If so, then how did you do with them?

I was recently cleaning in the garage and I found another quarter of a package of them. Now I'm up to 2 and a 1/4 packs of them. How the mice didn't find them is beyond me. I'm probably going to plant most them this spring, and save a half a package just in case I have a disaster. Once I save a few heads, I'll have plenty of seeds.

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Brian_NY_NJ_PA(zone 5/6 NY/NJ/)

I just called the company and they are sending me a catalog in the mail. You can order the giant sunflower seeds from them for a $1.59. I asked them if they are the same seeds as the Ripley's, and they said that they are. They don't grow the seeds themselves; so I also asked them where they get their seed from, but they wouldn't tell me that.
The same exact same sunflower variety being sold by different companies with different names isn't uncommon. This is something that is pretty common with giant sunflowers, as well as other plants. It's hard to tell when you have a different variety if it's something unique, or just another variety you already have with a new name and a new package.

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