Streptocarpus leaf spots

jellygateJuly 5, 2012

I'm stumped. I am wondering what you all think about this leaf mottling?

For your reference, this plant is watered only when dry (very dry), is not often fertilized (with a liquid feed), but is potted in Promix with about a tablespoon of osmocote.

Oh, and when it is watered, the leaves do not get wet.

Could it be some type of mosaic virus? or water temperature?


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could it be pH? I'm confused as to whether Streps need slightly more basic or slightly more acidic soil. I've read both.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Jellygate =

yes - you nailed both causes for this discoloration. It can be virus - INSV - or some kind of chemical disbalance.
Streps prefer slightly basic soil. Not too basic. And your osmocote could be way too concentrated because of summer heat.

If it is one plant only and the rest do OK - I would dispose of it just in case.


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