most ears per plant

farmfreedomDecember 12, 2005

First may I suggest that you get the book "Seed Inventory " by Kent Whealy it gives a description of all non hybrid seeds in U.S.A.and Canada . The prefered multi eared corn is " Hastings Prolific " this is hard to find and GRIN HAS A DIFFERENT Hastings variety so be careful . For smaller ears "Chires baby" from "down to earth seeds"

also Asain mini corn can produce up to 40 ears per stalk , as a last resort there is always "six shooter corn" regular sized ears but average 6 ears to a stalk. He also lists drought resistant varieties, and some strains that reach full maturity in 40 days . It makes quick reading for those of us that have an interest . You can find many interesting types of seed at any suggestions ?

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11 ears on one stalk christian science monitor sept 9 1938 p2.

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