Giant vege seeds

peppergrowman09December 5, 2009

Hey i don t have seeds of any giant veges just regular 1 buts i'm looking for super tall corn , sunflowers, amaranth , melons ,and other huge veges that are able to be eaten.

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bluelytes(Washington Stat)

I have some sunflower seeds that are supposed to get large. Mine last year was about 12+ feet, with a head about 15", does that suit your needs??


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What is the longest pepper you ever grew ? About the only thing I have access to now is the corn with the largest kernals from Peru,they are sold here as food.. I can send them to you at cost plus shipping they take a full 6 months to mature . the plants are about 12 feet . Cornuts is now selling large seeded variety with a shorter growing season .

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Where do I find any giant veggie seed? Never see these.

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I get the giant kernel corn seed at a local store . but it requires a full 6 months growing season .

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