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bspoffordJuly 11, 2008

I have one, pet. HT-1 I think. Do pets take well to wicking, and does the standard 1-1-1 mix work ok?


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I've never grown an HT-1, but he ones I do grow all seem to do fine in 1-1-1 mix, but then I didn't try any other mix, so I can't compare. I haven't tried wicking them either. What made a difference for me is putting them in terrarium-like enclosures to increase humidity. Irina here suggested that petrocosmeas like it cool and humid, so I did a little experiment, putting half of my petrocosmeas in a closed clear plastic box, and leaving the other half on a windowsill. The ones that are growing in the makeshift terrarium are significantly larger and healthier. But the terrarium provides not only moist air but also more evenly moist soil -- so I'm guessing that wicking them would also work well. Also, in the winter I kept them all on a cool windowsill, and they did a bit better than now that it's quite warm in the apartment.

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