Osmanthus fragrans

bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)September 22, 2012

There was, at one time, on the web, photos of the truly red Osmanthus fragrans and on with creamy flowers of huge size. They were being grown in China, but not available to us.

Would appreciate a link to the photos is anyone knows it. A search of the web did not bring it up.

I mentioned these unusual forms on my blog, as my O.f. Aurianticus suddenly put out flowers.

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there are pics on the web, I just saw a nice pic of the red one.
I couldn't find a supplier for the red one this year.
THey use to sell some of them down where I live, but I haven't seen any, nor was I really loooking for it.
I do have a supplier for orange and yellow, if you are interested.
Woodlanders dot net.
They have quite a few varities of Tea olives and hybrids.
Mabey you could call and ask about the red one, you never know, they might know where to get one.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Thank you. Nurseries Caroliniana did have a red one, once, and I have the pale orange Aurianticus in bloom now. Congers yellow, from several years ago, never got through its first Winter, here. Auranticus has gone 5 Winters, at least. I could never grow the tender Chinese sorts that are as I described, but was just annoyed that there was a site and now the photos seem unavailable. I am in zone 7A,so my climate is unsuitable for most O. fragrans sorts.

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