Help with seeds please.

mcbdz(8 Louisiana)September 11, 2008

Finally got my seeds yesterday, and am very anxious about getting the best germination rate. So, would anyone with experience with any of these please reply. Any pretreatment needed? Would baggie method work or sow in soil? should I nick the hull first? TIA for any responses.

Cananga ordorata-?

Michelia champaca-?

Cassia leptophylla-?



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Pattie, guess no one has an
I've never sown seeds from the 3 plants you mentioned..
If one of the seeds are larger, the size of a Morning Glory, it'll root faster if knicked.
I've never sowed seeds in a baggie, but heard it works.
I prefer Peat you know what Peat Pellets are? They're little round, flat disks..soak in warm water about 10 minutes..disks expand. The top of pellet has a hole..Seed is placed in the hole. If seed is large, cover with sand. If small, leaves as is. Set pellets in a tray, water or spray area where seeds are inserted. Cover with plastic until germination. After seedlings are about 2" or more, remove cover. Set pellet and plant in a don't remove seedling from the pellet. Add appropiate soil when filling container. Set plants in light.

Pellets are soil-less, so a well-dilluted ferilizer helps speed up germination. I also use Superthrive.
Good luck, Toni

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Hi Pattie!
Sorry but I'm terrible with remembering latin names of plants! Do you know what the common names are?
You might want to check out the seed growing forums and post there as well. Good luck! :)

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