Wood: raised beds and floors

PupillaCharites(FL 9a)April 24, 2014

First time poster in this forum needing helpful advice on wood after a confusing trip to Lowes.

My project is for an open sides/ends high hoop tunnel and the question about what works well or not well for ground contact, according to people actually doing gardening and not people building decks.

The idea I had was just make the rectangular footprint, grate/rake the sandy soil clean and then fix the lengths and widths with 1 x 6 wood. Then I come to see the 1x6 is sold as 5/4x6 pressure treated, but labeled not for ground contact. The employee who knew the most about it said people use it for raised beds anyway but couldn't recommend it either way. The 4x4 pressure treated which is labeled ok for ground contact is more expensive and not as tall (but nicely wide) and not so attractive due to its price. My plants will be in pots and I am thinking of just covering the bottom double with black weed barrier and using the wood to define the perimeter of the floor -. The tunnel is quite high.

Does this sound ok? Can I get away with the 1 x 6 's which would be set an inch or so into the dirt ... (4x4 would just rest on top I think) and is there anything I should do (like have to paint with something) The only water will be from the heavy rains we always get .... this is not being used to actually contain soil for the plants, only to keep rain off and toss over a shade cloth when necessary, or longer plastic maybe in the winter...which would use the wood to rest on and mostly seal.

Please, any tips would be appreciated! Especially with the low down on what we are paying for with the two different qualities of wood and if painting makes economic sense.

EDIT: My ground is fairly low and the water table high. The blazing sun burns ground bone dry and hot and it rains and soaks, a lot. Probably everyone here can relate ...

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Though pricy too, concrete will last forever and does not leach much into the soil. Can be found free sometimes and on Craigs list and e bay for cheap.

I use a lot of matt logs from HD. Getting ready to buy another $50.00 worth because I have a 10% off coupon for that amount from the HD Garden Club.

I have no answers about your wood questions. Happy gardening!

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

Thanks, if someone can help me on this soon I'd love to go to Lowes knowing what I want.

My seedlings to put out are now adolescents in trays in the house and are pushing now beyond the limit.

Embarrassed to say I had to look up matt log and see it for the light bulb to go off "Oh that what that stuff is called". Problem with that, besides $20 for a 12 foot length (even more $$$ than the treated 4x4 ground contact wood), is that when plastic might hang over it looks like there are lots of nooks and crannies for things to go into inside of, and keep cleaned or lay some material on and use another 2x4 to sandwich it tight enough since the perimeter needs to be funcional, and decorative is only a bonus..

It's really price though as you mentioned, since I'm thinking 4x4 is great and even it is quite expensive, I believe around $16 per 12 feet, vs. something like $7 for the 5/4 x 6 twelve footers I asked about,, where the Lowes guy said people are using them ... but I wish someone in this forum could give me a better feel for how well this would last. Not so worried about leaching since the plants won't be in it, and to be honest, with all the pests ...

Any more help, please?

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