Jasmine sambac 'Mysore Mulli'

bobtrannSeptember 14, 2013

Is Jasmine sambac 'Mysore Mulli' the same plant as Jasmine sambac 'Flore Plena' (Logees)?

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In reference to previous posts, Mysore Mulli stems have a furry texture (hair on stems), Flore Plena does not. Fragrance is also stronger IMO.

Mysore mulli

Flore Plena

Here is a link that might be useful: Mysore Mulli Identification

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hi dl99,

nice looking jasmine plants. Please let me know where did you get Flore Plena. Also by any chance you know what Flore Plena mean, seems this terminology is used for may flowers.

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Hello Nandakumar,

I purchased J.Flore plena from Logees. I recevied a small plant with healthy root system and I cared for it all summer and it gave me beautfiul blooms.

I found it also on Ebay -


Flore plena means many flowers as in this case, double form of the flower (more than 1 layer of petals)

Hope this helps.
Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: J.Flore Plena

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hi dl99,

Thanks for the quick response and links for Flore plena. Will check them out.

Between, I assume you live in zone 4 and congrats for growing such a nice jasmines, some friends of mine in zone 5 in colorado have difficulty in getting flowers from maid of orleans. What kind of special care you give and how you take care of them in winter.

I live in Dallas, TX area and here all Jasmines grow well and flower during spring and summer and to some extent in fall as well.

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I have been very fortunate to have found this forum. Many friends have helped me with issues of overwintering.

It is difficult and I do lose a few plants over the winter. My Maid of Orleans jasmine blooms well .Other jasmines only bloom sporadically. I think they need more sunshine.

I use osmocote & miracle gro for fertilizer .

Previously I used to fret whenever I lost a plant, but now I am at peace. I can do only so much! In early October ,they will take up residence inside my home despite the pleas of my family members. I move them often to receive sunshine and have to be very careful with watering.

These past few years, I find growing Tuberoses very rewarding. I have 5 big pots of them. They are so easy to care and overwintering is a breeze. Have you tried it?

However my first love is Hibiscus. Here is a link to my hibiscus plants.

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I agree with you dl99, this forum is real Treasure-trove for anyone interested in gardening and I learned a lot from this forum.

You have a nice collection of hibiscus, I haven't started growing hibiscus, probably i should start next spring. Where did you get your hibiscus.

Regarding tuberose, couple of my friends grow them in Dallas in the ground and they spread like weed. I recently started with few single layer tuberose but they are yet to flower and hope they flower next spring. Do you have single or double tuberose.

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