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boothbay(7)August 26, 2011

For years i have had good fortune in getting my Glox's to revive themselves each season. I have 3 pots. This year only 2 have come back and bloomed twice. The other one has not shown any sign of 'eyes'. and surprised...does a tuber just stop on its own? Is there something that i could do to make sure it is indeed dead for good? The 3 of them have had the same exposures.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

B. -

you got it right.

wash your tuber, put it in a zip baggie with a barely moist vermiculite or sphagnum moss - and put it somewhere where it can get light, but not direct light - if it won't revive in 6 months - that's it. Just to be sure keep it for 6 more months and then chuck it.

Since the rest of your treasured Sinningias speciosas have the same age tubers - restart them from a cutting - just in case - you will have a young plant to replace an oldie.

The easiest way - is to take a tip cutting - old tubers usually produce more than one stem - you take one off and root it in a moist soil under the baggie. You can do it from a leaf as well.


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