The real hedychium Tac Moto

bobtrannJanuary 27, 2013


Does anyone grow hedychium "Tac Moto?" Did I get the right plant? I got it from Aloha Tropicals years ago. The first one I got from them was white. This was a replacement. Thank you.

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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

Not much activity on this forum for a long time....I don't grow Tac Moto and it doesn't seem to be that common. I looked it up in the book, Hardy Gingers, by T.M.E. Branney, which is a great reference book. He describes Tac Moto, "The large flowers are powerfully fragrant and a bright canary yellow with a darker golden labellum patch. The lateral staminodes are paddle shaped and the rounded labellum has a notched tip. The stamens are moderately extended and golden yellow."

I'd say your plant matches the description, but of course, there are a lot of yellow gingers. As far as getting a white and then a yellow under the same name, if you search this forum for "Aloha Tropicals" you'll find that in past years many people have complained of plants that are mislabeled and/or don't match the pictures on the web site.

Sorry I don't have more knowledge of this variety. It looks beautiful, by the way.


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