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jutsaoAugust 5, 2004

Hi My name is John. I'm a plant addict. With a bad terrarium fetish. And a worst sense of humor. :-)

Here's the on topic part

Right now I looking for terrariums for about 30 miniature sinningia (rios and pusilla). I want to use them as centerpieces for my wedding. Anybody know where I can get glass domes or covered candy dishes in bulk? About 4 inches in diameter?

Also I'm looking for recommendations for miniature episcia that is small terrarium worthy. I remember having a blue one but I lost it in the great thrip debacle of 96. Anybody have a good supplier of stolons?



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I'm sorry that I don't know of any place to find terrariums for you. I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. It is always nice to have a new member.


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komi(z7/8 DC)

miniature sinningias as definitely a plant addict.


I have no idea where you might find covered candy dishes... so here are some other thoughts. Depending on the humidity of the room, and the amount of time they have to be on the tables (and the kind of guests you have), the containers may not have to be covered - a narrow opening might be good enough. Other items that might serve: up-ended glass jars (sometimes you can find nice round jars for preserves), brandy snifter type things, fish bowls, glass candle holders, vases, plastic spheres (I know I've seen them before but can't remember where - they were just the containers for something like candy...)... in fact, if they don't have to be spherical/rounded, you can consider plexiglass cubes - the kind you might display a small trophy in. I guess it depends on the look you are going for and the price.... I would imagine there would be something in the aisles of target or walmart or michaels etc that might fit the bill, as well as in the home section of various stores.

The only miniature episcia I can think of is silver skies, but then I haven't been looking for any. has stolons - I'm sure there are other places too.

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Well, if they don't need to be covered, you can get glass fishbowls from Michael's (the arts and crafts store) for very cheap. I'm not sure about the stolons for the sinnigias, though.

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Small brandy snifters would work, I think they are still made and sold somewhere in wholesale quantities (??). You can cover them with a "lid" that is actually a small glass plate, or you can grow them with plastic wrap and then remove the wrap for the event. Toy Silver is still the smallest and best of the mini episcias. It won best in show at our San Francisco Show this year, grown by our 93 year old member. You could also grow them in regular pots on a flat that fits with a plastic dome cover and then put out the pots on tables uncovered. These come in a 12" x 24" form which would hold about ten nice sized multiple planted pots. I use the flats with domes for many of my gesneriads under lights--to keep up humidity and to keep them alive when I fail to water in a timely fashion.


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What about simple glass rose bowls from a discount store? You could get circles of glass cut to fit for lids.... I am using some now but haven't been bothering iwth lids, my mini sinns seem happy in them.

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