what kind of tree should I buy

gatransplant23April 5, 2012

I want to plant two medium sized trees to help shade the back of my house....it is in full sun....I was thinking of a dogwood or redbud. Does anyone has any other ideas?

I live in zone 7 in Cobb County GA

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Do you need the shade year around? If you do, I would suggest a southern or sweetbay magnolia tree. Dogwoods like sun but might struggle in our southern climate in full sun. My dogwood tree gets afternoon full sun only. The redbuds are pretty, and like the dogwoods, would only provide the shade during the late spring and summer months.

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Matt Webster

If it's full sun, dogwoods may struggle. They like at least partial shade, I've found.

What about a chestnut? They used to be very prevalent, but were eradicated by a blight. Now they've been hybridized with a resistant Chinese chestnut, and are being reintroduced. When I have a chance to plant a full sun tree, that is what I'm planning. Shade AND snacks!

I'm also considering the American Philburt (hazelnut).

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I hate Magnolias, They drop leaves year round....just something to keep in mind. Why not plant a couple fruit trees, get the shade and some fruit to.

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