Murraya Paniculata

rubyjchangSeptember 11, 2011

I got some orange jasmine seeds from ebay about 5 month ago and totally forgot about them until about a 2 weeks ago. I planted them and to my surprise they actually germinated (I thought that orange jasmine is hard to germinate unless it is very fresh-mine is already at least half a year old).

How long does it take for a Murraya paniculata seedling to bloom? I love their scent! Hopefully, not too long?

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I've had off and on success with MP seedlings. The first batch grew, then died. I then took fresh seeds from my own plant last spring, planted a few here and there in different existing pots and they all came up. The one planted with the mother (I'm sure this is coincidence tho) not only grew but bloomed in early summer and is now blooming again! It's about 7 inches tall. Loaded down with blooms so it's a keeper! The other ones have hardly grown and are nowhere near blooming size. That's just my experience. Good luck. Somewhere on this site is my little seedling with it's first set of blooms.

RuthAnne in SC

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