frankiemygirl(z5IN)August 4, 2004

hello this is my first time posting a message so if i do it wrong please bear with me. ive been looking for a chocolate soldier and in the process ive gotten interested in episcia and would like to start growing them. does anyone know of a nursery in indiana preferably close to indianapolis that carries them? every one i look up is more into outdoor hoping someone out there is from indy! thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me. look forward to viewing more of this site thanks!

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Welcome to the forum! You are going to have a tough time finding episcias at a regular greenhouse. You will probably have to locate a store that specializes in African Violet's or gesnariads. I would suggest that you consider ordering episcias through mail order. Below are a couple of web sites that sell episcias.

I hope this helps.


RobÂs Violets


Pats pets


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sherrica(High Mountain Desert)

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a chocolate soldier is; often when a regular nursery has episcias they call them all chocolate soldiers as if the names episcia and chocolate soldier are interchangeable. If you really want to know the names of your episcias perhaps it is better to order from a reputable place such as those mentioned.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

Lyndon Lyons Greenhouses grows beautiful starter plants of everything, including episcias. They are mailorder and located in NY state. The old 'Choc. Soldier' was a variety with a brown leaf and a simple silver midrib pattern. But as noted above is a name used for any episcia--esp. brown and silver types like Acajou.


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